Two hands are seen typing on a laptop with an Ensign nearby.


    A Girl Watching Conference
    A girl watching general conference from home on her tablet.
    Audio Mixer
    A man sits at a soundboard and adjusts it.
    Boy on Computer
    An image of a young boy playing on the computer with headphones.
    Circuit Board
    An image of a circuit board.
    A monitor displays
    A young woman using a laptop computer.
    Computer Mouse
    A woman uses her mouse at a computer.
    Couple on a Tablet
    A couple sitting on a train and looking at a tablet together.
    Digital Scriptures
    Hands of sister missionaries holding cell phones.
    A technician works on electronics in a lab.
    External Hard Drives
    A stack of external hard drives.
    Families and Technology
    A family reading from a laptop computer.
    Family Computer
    A family sitting around a table and looking at a computer together.
    Family Scripture Study
    Family members sit down together to read the scriptures from books and smartphones.
    Family on a Tablet
    A family sitting down together while the father reads from a tablet.
    Father and Daughter on Tablet
    A little girl sits on her father’s lap as she looks at a tablet.
    Father and Sons on Laptop
    A father sits at his laptop while his boys look at what he is working on.
    General Conference on a Smartphone
    A person looks up general conference to read on his smartphone.
    A woman sits on a living room floor and uses a laptop.
    Laptop at a Meetinghouse
    A woman sits on a couch at a meetinghouse and works on a laptop.
    Laptop in Class
    A teacher uses a laptop to show a video to his Sunday School students.
    Laptop in Library
    A young woman sits at a table in a library and uses her laptop.
    Listening to General Conference
    A young Vietnamese woman taking notes while watching general conference.
    Listening to Music
    A mother listens to an MP3 player with her daughter.
    Man on Laptop
    A man sits in an armchair in a lounge area and browses on his laptop.
    Man on Phone
    A man holds his smartphone and taps it.
    Mother and Daughter Listen to Music
    A mother and daughter listen to music on headphones together.
    Mother and Daughter on Phone
    A little girl and her mother look at a smartphone together.
    Mother and Daughter on a Computer
    A mother and daughter work on a computer together in the dining room.
    Mother and Son on
    A mother sits at her computer with her son and looks at
    On the Phone
    A young man walks outside while on the phone.
    Preparing for a Mission
    A young man studying to prepare for a mission.
    Projector in a Classroom
    A Sunday School teacher projects her laptop display onto a screen to use for a lesson in a meetinghouse.
    Reading on a Tablet
    A young man lies on a couch and reads from a tablet.
    Scriptures on a Smartphone
    A young man looks at scriptures on his smartphone.
    Scriptures on a Tablet
    A man reads his scriptures from a tablet.
    A young man looks on his smartphone.
    Hands are seen using smartphones.
    Smartphones and Tablets
    A family sitting on a couch and browsing on their smartphones and tablets.
    Smartphones at a Meetinghouse
    Two older men stand in a meetinghouse and look at the smartphones in their hands.
    Smartphones in Seminary
    A group of teenagers look at their smartphones during seminary.
    An image of speakers for a computer.
    Studying on a Laptop
    Two young women look at a laptop and read out of the Ensign.
    A young man and his father looking at a tablet and conversing.
    A husband and wife look at on a tablet in their bedroom.
    Two young women hold a tablet and look at a menu on the screen.
    Tablet in Class
    A teacher sits in front of his class and uses a tablet to show his students a talk by Elder Bednar.
    Tablet in an Airport
    A man uses a tablet in an airport.
    Talking on the Phone
    A young man sits on a couch and talks on a phone.
    The Book of Mormon on a Tablet
    A young boy holds a tablet in his hands and starts reading the Book of Mormon.
    Three Young Men Share a Tablet
    Three young men share a tablet together.
    Hands are seen typing on a laptop.
    Two hands type on a laptop.
    An image of a cord plugged into a USB port.
    Video Games
    A family plays a video game together.
    Woman on Smartphone
    A woman sits in an armchair at a meetinghouse and looks at her smartphone.
    Young Girl on Tablet
    A young girl sits and looks at a tablet.
    Young Man and Woman on Smartphone
    A young man and woman sit on a bench and look at a smartphone together.
    Young Men Doing Family History
    Young men looking at a computer together to do family history research.
    Young Men on Tablet
    Three young men sit and look at a tablet together.
    Young Woman Using a Tablet
    A young woman on the grass outside, using a tablet.
    Young Woman on a Tablet
    A young woman sits outside on the grass and holds a tablet.