Stories from General Conference

Aerial view of Salt Lake City at sunset.
Stories from General Conference features some of the best anecdotes shared during various General Conference addresses over the past several years, each tied to a specific topic or theme.

Sep 16, 2023

Jesus Christ

Listen to stories about Jesus Christ's life and ministry.
Actors depicting the Nativity.

Sep 15, 2023


Service is how we can show love to those around us. Listen to stories of service and how the giver and receiver were blessed.
shoveling snow

Sep 15, 2023


Families are central to God's plan for His children. Listen to ways to strengthen your family.
Chinese family photo.

Sep 16, 2023


Prayer is how we communicate with our Father in Heaven. Listen to inspiring stories of comfort and love through the power of prayer.
Twin toddler girls praying.

Sep 16, 2023

The Youth of the Church

The Lord has always had a special place in His heart for the children and the youth of His Church. Listen to inspiring stories of youth and how their faith and strength can bless others.
Hulilau Beach - Ohana (family watching son)

Sep 16, 2023

Joseph Smith

Through Joseph’s example, we can find strength in following the example of our Savior. Listen to inspiring stories from the life of Joseph Smith.
Nauvoo Statue of Joseph and Hyrum

Sep 16, 2023


Conversion is the process of turning our hearts to the Lord and better understanding our place before Him. Listen to ways we can deepen our conversion to the Lord.
Young Women Ascending Stairs at BYU

Sep 16, 2023


Faith is a principle of action and power. Listen to uplifting stories of the blessings that result from those who righteously exercised their faith.

Sep 15, 2023


All of us face opposition but we can overcome. Listen to uplifting stories of how we can face the trials of this life.
Young girl at a grave.

Sep 16, 2023


All of us will be tempted during our lives here on Earth. Listen to ways we can fortify our faith and become stronger.
Stock images of a man stealing a purse from an oblivious female victim in a grocery store.

Sep 16, 2023


Of all the virtues that Christ taught throughout His life, perhaps the most important was love. Listen to inspring stories of how we can emulate Christ's example of showing love.
Young boy sitting on the lap of an older boy as they swing.

Nov 12, 2023


Listen to inspiring stories of the joy and freedom of turning our hearts to the Lord through repentance.
Aerial view of Salt Lake City at sunset.

Sep 16, 2023


Listen to stories about how making covenants with the Lord demonstrates our devotion to Him.
Friends at a beach walking and socializing.

Sep 15, 2023


Children yearn to feel love from their fathers. Listen to stories of fathers teaching their children.
Girl playing with her father's face.

Sep 16, 2023


A mother plays a powerful role in the lives of her children. Listen to stories of the influence of a mother's love.
A black woman holding a baby boy.

Sep 16, 2023


One of the greatest gifts we have been given in this life is the gift to be able to choose to follow our Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ. Listen to stories of the blessings that come as we righteously use our gift of agency.

Sep 16, 2023

Missionary Work

The first and strongest converts to the gospel are ourselves. Listen to ways we can strengthen ourselves and those around us as we talk to others about Jesus Christ.

Sep 16, 2023


Listen to inspiring stories of some of the unexpected blessings that come when we love and serve the Lord.

Sep 16, 2023

Book of Mormon

Listen to stories about the Book of Mormon and the messages it contains that are essential for our time.

Dec 14, 2022

Aaronic Priesthood

Listen to inspiring stories about the Aaronic Priesthood and the importance the Lord places on this power.

Sep 16, 2023


Listen to stories of people who were obedient, even in the face of fierce opposition, and received blessings as a result.
Daddy's Warning

Sep 16, 2023


Listen to inspiring stories of how to build a strong testimony, including counsel on what to do when doctrinal questions arise. Speakers: Elder Loren C. Dunn, Elder William H. Bennett, Elder Henry D. Taylor, President Spencer W. Kimball, Elder James A. Cullimore, and Elder Joseph Anderson
Toddler girl with scriptures.

Sep 16, 2023

Marriage - Part 2

Listen to stories of how to build strong marriages, as well as suggestions for when difficulties arise.Speakers: Elder Milton R. Hunter, President Spencer W. Kimball, Elder Robert D. Hales, President Gordon B. Hinckley, Elder Rex D. Pinegar, Elder Yoshihiko Kikuchi, and Elder Marion D. Hanks

Sep 16, 2023


In these latter days we are asked by the Lord to sacrifice of ourselves in the service of God and our fellowman. Our leaders have talked a lot about sacrifice and share their stories in this episode. President Gordon B. Hinckley begins by telling a story of a righteous man who pressed forward with faith. Other stories are shared by President Thomas S. Monson, Elder Russell M. Nelson, Elder James E. Faust and others.
On Christmas Day, members of a spanish-speaking branch came to the Madera Vineyard to fulfill a church assignment. For many, this is their only day off from work all year, showing a great sacrifice as they chose to serve on their one day off.