Section 40 - Section 84

    A few of the ten virgins are seen with lit candles


    "An Eye Single to the Glory of God"
    (D&C 82:19) Elder Nelson compares our perspective and the Lord's to a pair of binoculars.
    "Upon My Holy Day"
    (D&C 59:9-12) Elder Holland pleads with youth to keep the Sabbath day holy.
    A Man without Eloquence
    The testimony of a humble teacher helps Brigham Young to convert the restored gospel.
    Baptism of the Holy Ghost
    (D&C 49:11-14) Elder Bednar teaches about the baptism of the Holy Ghost.
    Be Not Troubled
    (D&C 45:16-39) The Savior's parable of the fig tree teaches that we need not be frightened or troubled by the calamities that will come in the last days.
    Doctrine Immunizes Us against Sin
    (D&C 84:43-53) Elder Nelson teaches that doctrine immunizes us against sin.
    Gifts of the Spirit Come to the Obedient
    (D&C 46:9-25) President Uchtdorf explains that gifts of the Spirit come to the obedient.
    If We Teach by the Spirit
    By teaching and listening by the spirit, all are edified and strengthened, individually and collectively.
    Our Work Is to Go About Doing Good
    (D&C 81:4-6) President Hinckley teaches that our work is to go about doing good.
    Testimony of Truth
    The Lord entrusts a testimony of truth with those who share it with others. Members should be willing to share the gospel whenever they feel moved by the spirit.
    The Church to Fill the Earth
    (D&C 65) President Hinckley reviews the prophecy of how the Church will fill the earth.
    The Heart and a Willing Mind
    (D&C 64:34) Elder Heber C. Kimball and his family willingly serve the Lord as Elder Kimball leaves first from Kirtland and then from Nauvoo to preach the gospel in England.
    The Lord Is Bound
    (D&C 82:10) Elder Bednar teaches how the Lord is bound when we do what He says.
    They that are Wise
    (D&C 45:56-57) This video depicts the parable of the ten virgins, through which the Savior helps the disciples understand why and how to prepare for His Second Coming.
    Those Tithed Not Burned at His Coming
    (D&C 64:23-25) President Hinckley teaches that those tithed will not be burned at His coming.
    To "Act in All Holiness"
    (D&C 43: 8-9,16) President Uchtdorf teaches how to "act in all holiness."