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    Doctrine and Covenants Stories

    Doctrine and Covenants Stories

    Includes Church history of the First Vision, the restoration of the priesthood, the translation of the Book of Mormon, and revelations to the Prophet Joseph Smith regarding the formation of the Church and its many sections of scripture.
    Doctrine and Covenants Stories


    Called of Him to Declare His Word
    If you are humble and obedient and hearken to the voice of the Spirit, you will find great happiness in your service as a missionary.
    Chapter 01: Joseph Smith and His Family (1805–1820)
    Joseph Smith's family is hardworking, loving, and full of faith. Joseph has an injured leg and has surgery without pain medication.
    Chapter 02: Joseph Smith’s First Vision (1820)
    Joseph prays to know which church to join. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ appear to him and tell him that none of the churches are true.
    Chapter 03: The Angel Moroni and the Gold Plates (1823–1827)
    The angel Moroni appears to Joseph Smith and tells him about the Book of Mormon written on gold plates in the Hill Cumorah.
    Chapter 04: Martin Harris and the Lost Pages (1827–1828)
    Martin Harris desires to show 116 translated pages of the Book of Mormon to his family and others.
    Chapter 05: Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery (February–April 1829)
    Oliver Cowdery helps Joseph Smith translate the Book of Mormon. The Lord reveals many commandments.
    Chapter 06: Joseph and Oliver Are Given the Priesthood: May 1829
    Joseph and Oliver have questions about baptism. John the Baptist appears and gives the Aaronic Priesthood to them. They are both baptized.
    Chapter 07: Witnesses See the Gold Plates (1829–1830)
    Selected witnesses see the gold plates and testify that the plates are real.
    Chapter 08: Getting Ready for the Church of Jesus Christ (April 1830)
    Joseph receives a revelation about how to organize the true Church. He also learns more about Jesus Christ.
    Chapter 09: Organization of the Church of Jesus Christ (6 April 1830)
    While in New York, Joseph Smith organizes The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
    Chapter 10: The First Miracle in the Church (April 1830)
    Oliver Cowdery teaches and baptizes many people. Newel Knight's testimony is strengthened after trials.
    Chapter 11: More People Join the Church: April-June 1830
    Many people learn about the Church and are baptized. Wicked men try to prevent the work from progressing, but the Lord protects His people.
    Chapter 12: Samuel Smith's Mission (June 1830)
    Samuel Smith, the first missionary for the Church, teaches people but has very little success. Many people, like Brigham Young, were converted later because of his efforts.
    Chapter 13: Joseph and Emma (July 1830)
    Joseph and Emma sacrifice much to spread the gospel. They rely on the Lord. Jesus tells Emma what she is supposed to do.
    Chapter 14: The Prophet and Revelations for the Church (September 1830)
    Only one man can receive revelation for the entire Church. Hyrum Page receives false revelations through a stone. He listens to the prophet and repents.
    Chapter 15: A Mission to the Lamanites (September 1830)
    Many Saints go on missions to the American Indians.
    Chapter 16: Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon Learn about Zion (1830)
    Sidney Rigdon is baptized and leads many to Christ. Through the Lord's help, Joseph and Sidney reveal some of the missing doctrine in the Bible.
    Chapter 17: The First Bishops of the Church (February and December 1831)
    Bishops are called to help teach, love, and help the Saints.
    Chapter 18: The Law of the Church (9 February 1831)
    The Law of the Church: 9 February 1831
    Chapter 19: The Second Coming of Jesus Christ
    Some people persecute the Saints of God in the last days. There are many signs to help prepare people for the Second Coming. The Lord will come again as the prophets have testified.
    Chapter 20: Gifts of the Spirit (8 March 1831)
    Through the power of the Holy Ghost, the Lord gives gifts of the Spirit to help others.
    Chapter 21: A Revelation to Settle in Missouri (May–June 1831)
    The Lord tells Joseph to lead the people to Missouri to build the city of Zion.
    Chapter 22: Saints Begin to Settle in Missouri (July–August 1831)
    The Saints arrive in Missouri and begin to build the city of Zion in Independence in Jackson County.
    Chapter 23: The Doctrine and Covenants (August–November 1831)
    The Lord tells Joseph to publish the revelations of the Lord. This book is called the Doctrine and Covenants.
    Chapter 24: Parents Should Teach Their Children (November 1831)
    Parents should teach the gospel of Jesus Christ to their children.
    Chapter 25: Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon Go on a Mission (December 1831–January 1832)
    Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon go to many towns and declare the gospel of Jesus Christ.
    Chapter 26: The Three Kingdoms of Heaven (16 February 1832)
    Heavenly Father reveals to Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon the places where people go after they are resurrected, called the three kingdoms of glory.
    Chapter 27: The Prophet Continues His Work Despite Persecution (March 1832)
    Mobs persecute Joseph Smith, but they cannot stop him from doing the Lord's work.
    Chapter 28: The Prophet Joseph Goes to Missouri Again (March–May 1832)
    The Lord gives the Saints in Missouri a revelation about how to take care of others.
    Chapter 29: A Revelation about the Priesthood (September 1832)
    Joseph receives instruction on how to use the power of God.
    Chapter 30: A Revelation about War (25 December 1832)
    The Saints worry about disasters and wars that occur. Jesus reveals a prophecy to Joseph Smith about the Civil War in the United States and diverse wars in the world.
    Chapter 31: The Word of Wisdom (February 1833)
    The Lord reveals to Joseph the Word of Wisdom, a health commandment requiring respect and honor for our bodies. The Lord promises many physical and spiritual blessings for complete obedience.
    Chapter 32: The Church of Jesus Christ in Kirtland: 1833–1834
    The Church's First Presidency, patriarch, and high council were called in Kirtland.
    Chapter 33: A Revelation about Jesus Christ (May 1833)
    Jesus tells about Himself and shows the right way to live.
    Chapter 34: God Warns the People of Zion (July–August 1833)
    God commands more people to move to Missouri. Mobs and evil people persecute the Saints.
    Chapter 35: The Saints Leave Jackson County (Missouri, September–December 1833)
    The governor and judges of Missouri refuse the help the Saints. Due to the persecution from mobs, the Saints leave Missouri.
    Chapter 36: Zion’s Camp (February–June 1834)
    Joseph Smith leads Zion's Camp, a group of men sent to help people in Jackson County.
    Chapter 37: Priesthood Leaders (February–March 1835)
    The Lord calls men to be prophets, apostles, and leaders.
    Chapter 38: The Pearl of Great Price
    The Pearl of Great Price is a book of scripture written by prophets. It contains the Book of Moses, the Book of Abraham, Joseph Smith—Matthew, Joseph Smith— History, and the Articles of Faith.
    Chapter 39: The Kirtland Temple Is Dedicated (January–March 1836)
    Joseph Smith sees a vision of the celestial kingdom. Many Saints come to the dedication of the Kirtland Temple, and angels appear.
    Chapter 40: Visions in the Kirtland Temple (April 1836)
    Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery see Jesus Christ, Moses, Elias, and Elijah and receive sacred priesthood power and keys.
    Chapter 41: Trouble in Kirtland (1837–1838)
    Many Saints have problems with the bank in Kirtland and blame Joseph Smith.
    Chapter 42: Far West, Missouri (January–July 1838)
    Joseph learns where the Lord will come for His Second Coming. Some leaders choose to disobey the prophet.
    Chapter 43: Jesus Christ Names His Church (April 1838)
    Jesus Christ names His church "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints."
    Chapter 44: Tithing (July 1838)
    The Lord reveals that the Saints should give one-tenth of all they have to the Church.
    Chapter 45: More Mobs in Missouri (1838–1839)
    Mobs do terrible things to the Saints. They hurt and kill many people. Joseph and others are thrown into prison. Joseph silences the jail guards.
    Chapter 46: Joseph Smith in Liberty Jail (November 1838-April 1839)
    Joseph Smith and his friends suffer in Liberty Jail for more than four months. The Lord comforts him.
    Chapter 47: The Saints Leave Missouri (Winter 1839)
    Brigham Young tells the Saints to leave Missouri while Joseph Smith is in jail. They go to Illinois in search of shelter, food, and jobs.
    Chapter 48: Joseph Smith Asks the President for Help (March–November 1839)
    Joseph Smith instructs the Saints to write down the crimes of those who were persecuting them. Joseph takes those letters to the president of the United States. The president does not help the Saints.
    Chapter 49: Missionaries in Other Lands (June 1837–October 1841)
    The Lord sends missionaries to England and Palestine. They teach the gospel to many people.
    Chapter 50: The Saints in Nauvoo (January–July 1841)
    Joseph Smith receives a revelation to build a temple in Nauvoo. The Lord calls Hyrum Smith to be the Patriarch. Brigham Young learns he is to stay at home with his family.
    Chapter 51: The First Endowments (May 1842)
    The Saints receive a special blessing in the temple called the endowment. They make promises and covenants with God and learn how to return to live with Him.
    Chapter 52: The Relief Society (March 1842)
    The Relief Society, a women's organization, is formed to help and bless the lives of others. The sisters make clothes for the men working at the temple, take care of the sick, and learn about the gospel.
    Chapter 53: Trouble in Nauvoo (May–August 1842)
    John C. Bennett, the mayor of Nauvoo, becomes wicked. Joseph Smith become mayor after conflict with Bennett. Joseph prophesies of future conflicts.
    Chapter 54: God and Angels (February–April 1843)
    Joseph Smith receives a revelation about angels. Heavenly Father and Jesus have a body of flesh and bones. The Holy Ghost is a spirit.
    Chapter 55: A Revelation about Marriage (July 1843)
    Righteous people who are married in the temple can live together forever with God.
    Chapter 56: More Trouble for the Saints (1843–1844)
    Mobs form and persecute the Saints. Enemies start a newspaper with lies about Mormons. Joseph says the Saints will eventually be forced to leave Nauvoo.
    Chapter 57: The Prophet Is Killed (June 1844)
    Although innocent, Joseph, Hyrum, and others go to Carthage Jail. A mob kills Joseph and Hyrum. They give their lives for the gospel of Jesus Christ.
    Chapter 58: A New Leader for the Church (July–August 1844)
    The Apostles lead the Church until a new leader is chosen. Sidney Rigdon wants to be the leader and apostatizes.
    Chapter 59: Endowments Are Performed in the Nauvoo Temple (November 1845–February 1846)
    The Saints dedicate portions of the Nauvoo Temple as they are completed and perform many ordinances. The Saints are so eager that the temple remains open day and night.
    Chapter 60: The Saints Leave Nauvoo (September 1845–September 1846)
    The Lord chooses Brigham Young to be the leader after Joseph Smith's death. Mobs drive the Saints out of Nauvoo. The Saints travel in very difficult circumstances.
    Chapter 61: The Mormon Battalion (June 1846–July 1847)
    Brigham Young encourages men to help the United States army in a war against Mexico.
    Chapter 62: The Saints Establish Winter Quarters (1846–1847)
    Under the guidance of Brigham Young, the Saints postpone their trek west and establish Winter Quarters.
    Chapter 64: The Saints in the Rocky Mountains (Beginning in July 1847)
    The Saints establish homes in the Salt Lake Valley. They build temples in the West. Many members from distant lands come to be with the Saints.
    Chapter 65: The Church of Jesus Christ Today
    The Church continues to grow with increasing members, missionaries, and temples worldwide.
    Introduction: Before the Doctrine and Covenants
    The plan of salvation provides a way for God's children to return to live with Him. We learn about this plan through the words of Christ and His prophets.