Farmers picking strawberries in a field.
    Barley Field
    A barley field in the evening.
    Barn and a Sunrise
    Sunrise over a run-down barn in Utah.
    Barn in Utah
    A sunset over farmland and a barn.
    Baseball Field
    The sun rises over a baseball field.
    Blue Sky and Mountains
    A mountain range with blue sky above.
    Cabin in a Field
    A run-down cabin in a field, with a mountain range in the background.
    A field of crops with a blue sky overhead.
    Intersecting roads in Idaho.
    Dead Horse Point
    The Colorado River runs through red rock canyons in southern Utah.
    Devil’s Gate
    The historic site Devil’s Gate in Wyoming was a part of the Mormon Trail.
    An aerial view of farmland.
    Farmland in Norway
    A field with a fence in Norway.
    A fence runs through a field.
    Fence in a Field
    A fence runs through a field, with a mountain in the background.
    Field with Tree
    A field of grass with a tree.
    Fields and Mountains
    Yellow grass fields surrounded by pine trees and mountains.
    Grand Teton National Park
    A view of the Grand Teton mountain range, with wildflowers and trees in the foreground.
    Grassy Hill
    A hill covered in grass in Scotland.
    Guardsman Pass
    Guardsman Pass in the fall in Heber Valley.
    Harvest Moon
    A full moon rises over the water.
    Hills in Wyoming
    Hills with lots of rocks in Wyoming.
    Independence Rock
    Independence Rock on the pioneer trail.
    Lake Cuyamaca
    Lake Cuyamaca in California.
    Arches in red rock.
    Arches in red rock mountains.
    A meadow with a gate.
    A landscape in Mongolia.
    Mountain Landscape
    A pink sky hangs over a mountain range.
    Mountain Reflection
    A mountain and pine trees are reflected in the lake.
    Mountains in Norway
    A river runs through the mountains and a valley in Norway.
    Old Chief Mountain
    Mountain range in Canada.
    Palmyra, New York
    A fenced-in pasture in New York.
    A railroad track that runs through mountains.
    Red Rock Arch
    A red rock arch in a canyon.
    Red Sand
    Small ridges formed in red sand.
    Road in Mountains
    A road through the mountains.
    Road in a Desert
    A road through the desert at sunset.
    Sand Dunes
    Sand dunes in Colorado.
    Sandstone Bluffs
    Water sitting in the sandstone bluffs at El Malpais National Monument.
    Sedona, Arizona
    Red rocks in Sedona, Arizona.
    The countryside in Somerset, England.
    St. George, Utah
    Rocks on a mountain, with the city of St. George in the background.
    Sunlight in Canyon
    A canyon in Red Rock State Park, Arizona.
    Trees in a Valley
    A view of a hilly landscape covered in green grass and trees.
    Valley of Fire
    Rocks in Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada.
    Valley of Fire
    Rocks and mountains in Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada.
    View of Yellowstone
    Steam comes off water at Yellowstone National Park.
    Water Lilies
    Water lilies in the Mississippi River, near Nauvoo.
    Water in Yellowstone
    Water in Yellowstone National Park.
    Wheat Field
    A field of wheat with a bright blue sky and clouds overhead.
    Wildflowers in a meadow landscape.
    Wooden Fence
    A wooden fence on a hill, with mountains in the background.
    Yellow Mountainside
    Mountainside scenery of yellow trees, with a blue sky and clouds above.
    Yellowstone Hot Springs
    Hot springs at Yellowstone National Park.
    Yellowstone National Park
    Water geysers at Yellowstone National Park.
    Yellowstone in the Winter
    Snow covers the ground at Yellowstone National Park.