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    Same-Sex Attraction

    Same-Sex Attraction

    Mormon and Gay


    Being an Agent to Act
    Being an Agent to Act
    Elizabeth’s Take on Love and Understanding
    Ricardo has tried his whole life to piece together the big picture. But, it wasn’t until he balanced the love and support of his wife, children and friends that he was able to find peace as a gay Mormon.
    Feelings Are Real and Authentic (Christofferson) - full
    Full clip from the talk Feelings Are Real and Authentic by Elder Christofferson.
    Focus on the One
    Focus on the One
    God Loveth His Children
    God Loveth His Children
    Impact on Families
    Elder D. Todd Christofferson speaks about Eternal perspective.
    Is There a Place for Me?
    Is there a Place for Me?
    LGBT People Who Live God's Laws Can Fully Participate in the Church
    Elder Christofferson explains that worthy LGBT people can fully participate in the Church
    Laurie’s story—A Flicker of Light That Brought Me Back to the Savior
    Laurie has put a gun in her mouth more than once, but her finger would always freeze on the trigger. She knows life isn’t going to be pretty, but she knows that with God and her family, she can do it.
    Let Us Be At the Forefront (Cook)
    Talk from Let Us Be At the Forefront by Elder Cook.
    Let Us Be at the Forefront
    Same gender attraction video.
    Lifting Others
    Lifting Others
    Love and Law
    Love and Law
    No Blessings Denied the Faithful
    No Blessings Denied the Faithful
    Purpose of This Website
    Elder Christofferson speaks to same-gender attraction.
    Ricardo’s Journey through His Art
    Ricardo has always loved his wife and while he hoped his feelings of same-sex attraction would disappear, they haven’t. See why his wife says being sympathetic and welcoming is the best we can do to help.
    Ricardo’s Story—Reaching Out toward the Light
    Ricardo has found peace with God while being authentic to himself by accepting the Atonement of Christ.
    The Gospel Is a Gospel of Hope
    Elder Oaks speaks to same gender attraction video.
    The Mackintosh’s Story
    Becky and Scott Mackintosh have loved their son as he has grown up, served a mission, come out as gay, and left the faith he was raised in. The entire family has learned to love in new, more inclusive ways.
    The Savior Understands Me
    The Savior understands Me
    The Savior's Grace
    Elder Holland speaks about the power of the Savior's grace.
    Tonya’s Story—A Mother’s Love and Support
    Andy is everything his mom could ask for. He’s a triple major, he works full-time, he’s in his elder’s quorum presidency, he’s the best big brother and he’s gay.
    What Needs to Change
    Elder Oaks speaks to same gender attraction issues.