Rivers and Lakes

    A red canoe docked on the edge of a lake with a sunset and trees reflected in the water.


    Andes Mountains
    The Andes Mountains in the background with a lake in front.
    Beach at Lake Powell
    The red rock beach of Lake Powell.
    Boats on a Canal
    Boats line a canal in Amsterdam.
    Bridge over Multnomah Falls
    A bridge extends over Multnomah Falls in Oregon.
    Cache Valley
    A river in Cache Valley.
    Canoe by a Lake
    A canoe docked on the edge of a lake with the sun reflected in the water.
    Cloud Reflections
    Clouds are reflected in a lake.
    Columbia River
    The Columbia River in Oregon.
    Edge of a Lake
    Grass and sand line the edge of a lake.
    Fence by a River
    A river runs along the edge of a path and a fence.
    A river floods a home.
    Forest by a Lake
    A forest surrounds a lake with mountains in the background.
    Geese on the River
    Two geese stand on rocks in the Chattahoochee River.
    Grand Teton National Park
    A river runs through Grand Teton National Park with the mountain range in the background.
    Highlands in Scotland
    Fog lying low over a stream running through the highlands of Scotland.
    Hot Air Balloon
    A hot air balloon and surrounding landscape are reflected in a lake.
    House in Sweden
    A red house in Sweden sits by a small lake filled with lily pads.
    Lake Powell
    Red rocks line Lake Powell.
    Lake Reflection
    The sky and mountains are reflected in a lake in Alaska.
    Lake at Dusk
    A lake at dusk with mountains in the background.
    Lake in Alaska
    Fog lies low over mountains near a lake in Alaska.
    Lake in Connecticut
    Grass and trees line a lake in Connecticut.
    Lincoln Beach
    An image of Lincoln Beach with grass and reeds growing up out of the water.
    Logan Canyon
    A river runs over rocks near trees with autumn leaves.
    Martin’s Cove
    The Sweetwater River runs through Martin’s Cove in Wyoming.
    Red mesas line the edge of a lake.
    Mountain Reflection
    A mountain and pine trees are reflected in the lake.
    Mountain by a Lake
    A red rock mountain is reflected in a lake.
    Multnomah Falls
    The Multnomah Falls run off the Columbia River in Oregon.
    Niagara Falls
    Birds fly near Niagara Falls.
    Pond Reflection
    Snow-covered trees are reflected in a pond.
    Puget Sound
    The sun sets over Puget Sound in Washington.
    River Barge
    A barge floats down the Columbia River in autumn.
    River and Mountains
    A river runs near a range of mountains.
    River in Autumn
    Trees changing colors in autumn are reflected in the river.
    Rocks in Water
    Rocks sit below the surface of water.
    Rocks in Water
    Rocks partially above the surface of a river.
    Rocky Mountain Reflections
    The Rocky Mountains reflected in a lake.
    Shoshone Falls
    Shoshone Falls in Idaho.
    Snake River
    The Snake River runs by the Grand Teton Mountains in Wyoming.
    A small stream runs through a meadow near trees and mountains.
    Sunrise in Utah
    The sun rises over mountains and a pond in Utah.
    Sunset in St. George
    A sun sets over a lake in St. George, Utah.
    Sunset on a Lake
    The sun sets over a lake.
    Susquehanna River
    The Susquehanna River in Harmony, Pennsylvania.
    Sweetwater River
    The Sweetwater River at Martin’s Cove in Wyoming.
    Sweetwater River in Wyoming
    The Sweetwater River runs through a grassy meadow.
    The Great Salt Lake
    Rocks extend out into the Great Salt Lake.
    Utah Lake
    The sky reflected in Utah Lake.
    Waterfall in Alaska
    A waterfall runs into a pool in Alaska.
    Winter Sunset
    The sun sets over the frozen Columbia River in the winter.
    Yosemite Reflection
    Mountains and trees at Yosemite National Park are reflected in water.