Relief Society

    Sweet is the Work


    "That We May All Sit Down in Heaven Together”
    How do we follow the Savior's example in ministering to one another without necessarily doing “more?” Sister Eubank and Sister Aburto of the Relief Society General Presidency provide some perspective.
    A Conversation with the R.S., Y.W., and Primary Presidents.
    A Conversation with the R.S., Y.W., and Primary Presidents.
    A Long Line of Faithful, Righteous Women
    The heritage of Relief Society is not just about women who lived in the past; it is also about women all over the world today who make and keep covenants.
    Celebrating 170 Years of Relief Society
    Julie B. Beck speaks in celebration of the work of the Relief Society over 170 years.
    Different, Yet the Same
    A thought from Rosemary M. Wixom, Primary general president, about the unity of women throughout the world.
    Engaged in This Work
    A thought from Linda K. Burton, Relief Society general president, about the strength women bring to the work of salvation.
    Feeling the Love of the Lord
    Sisters around the world share how they feel the love of the Lord in their lives.
    General Women's Meeting Choir
    General Women's Meeting Choir
    I Was a Stranger: Love One Another
    Helping a young refugee from the Ivory Coast leads to a blessed friendship for two women.
    Integrated Global Leadership Training
    Integrated Global Leadership Training
    Is Faith in the Atonement of Jesus Christ Written upon our Hearts?
    Quote given by Linda K. Burton at the General Relief Society Meeting held on September 29, 2012
    Join Us for the General Women's Meeting
    An invitation to all women ages eight and older to the general women’s meeting of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on March 29, 2014, at 6:00 p.m. MDT.
    Just Like You
    Just like you, the women of the Relief Society General Presidency and Board have experienced the ups and downs of mortality. No matter what, we can all find joy in Jesus Christ.
    LDS Women and Hastening the Work
    LDS Women and Hastening the Work
    Mother in Israel
    My name is Melanie. I met Molly when I was a substitute teacher for her primary class. We became friends and this is our true story.
    Noble Women, Righteous Lives
    The Relief Society blesses the lives of many worldwide. This video celebrates the efforts of women throughout the world.
    Our Savior’s Love
    In a talk at the 2018 BYU Women's Conference, Sister Susan Gong talks about God’s sure love for us and how that can give us the ability to show that kind of love for others.
    Overview in Recent Developments in Women's Organizations
    Overview in Recent Developments in Women's Organizations
    Refuge from the Storm
    This moment does not define the refugees, but our response will help define us.
    Relief Society 175 Anniversary
    A message that helps women understand the purpose and mission of the Relief Society.
    Relief Society: A Sacred Work
    Ours is a work of salvation, service, and becoming a holy people.
    Relief Society: An Enduring Legacy
    Relief Society sisters share a glorious heritage of service and personal righteousness.
    Sisters in Zion
    Nicole met her sister in Relief Society ten years ago. See what a difference her sister has made in her life since then.
    Strength in Sisterhood
    Strength in Sisterhood
    Strengthen One Another in the Lord
    In a talk at the 2018 BYU Women's Conference, Elder Gong of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles taught women how covenants strengthen our bonds with God and each other.
    Strengthening Home and Family
    Strengthening Home and Family
    The Family is Ordained of God
    Women from around the world testify of the blessings of the family in God’s plan.
    This Is Visiting Teaching
    Visiting teaching is more than just a calling.
    Video Presentation: I Am a Child of God
    Women and children from around the world come together to declare, “I am a child of God.”
    Video Presentation: The Holy Temple
    Primary, Young Women, and Relief Society sisters from around the world come together to share their testimonies of the joy, comfort, and blessings of temple worship.
    Video Presentation: Walk in His Light
    Daughters of God support and love one another as they live covenant-centered lives.
    Vision for Women's Organizations
    Vision for Women's Organizations
    When We Were Strangers
    Latter-Day Saints were forced from Missouri, citizens of Quincy, Illinois offered refuge, as reflected in the writings and experiences of Elizabeth Haven Barlow.
    Women in the Church
    Sister Linda K. Burton, Sister Elaine S. Dalton and Sister Rosemary M. Wixom provide insights into their roles in Church leadership, describe the power of the priesthood in people's lives and provide answers to questions of interest.
    You Are the Gift
    Caring for the needy is less about giving away stuff and more about filling the need of human contact. Like the Savior, said Sister Sharon Eubank, you are the best gift you can give others in need.
    Young Women General Board
    Young Women General Board