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    Relief Society and Elders Quorum Lessons

    Relief Society and Elders Quorum Lessons

    Salt Lake Mormon Tabernacle Choir


    A Good Foundation against the Time to Come
    Elder Stevenson teaches how the improvements to the Salt Lake Temple can help inspire us to build strong personal foundations.
    A Living Witness of the Living Christ
    Bishop Caussé teaches that the Book of Mormon restores the true knowledge of Jesus Christ and His Atonement.
    A Perfect Brightness of Hope
    Elder Holland teaches that the Restoration of the gospel shows that we can have hope because God is with us.
    An Especially Noble Calling
    Sister Jones draws on the example and teachings of Joseph Smith to encourage women in striving to fulfill their great spiritual potential.
    Church Auditing Department Report, 2019
    Kevin Jergensen presents the Church Auditing Department report for 2019.
    Come and Belong
    Elder Uchtdorf invites all to join us in ministering to God’s children, following in the footsteps of the Savior, and making this world a better place.
    Come unto Christ—Living as Latter-day Saints
    Elder McCune teaches us how the restored gospel of Jesus Christ helps us to do difficult things and help others do the same.
    Consider the Goodness and Greatness of God
    Elder Renlund invites us to remember the goodness and greatness of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and identifies various blessings from doing so.
    Deep in Our Heart
    Brother Holmes teaches us to focus on relationships, revelation, agency, repentance, and sacrifice so the gospel will sink deeper in our hearts.
    Ensuring a Righteous Judgment
    Elder Rasband teaches how the Atonement of Christ fulfills both justice and mercy.
    Finding Refuge from the Storms of Life
    Elder Giménez teaches that Jesus Christ can be the refuge from the adversity and storms in our life if we let Him.
    Fulfillment of Prophecy
    Elder Rasband teaches about the prophecies that have been fulfilled during the ongoing Restoration of the Church.
    Go Forward in Faith
    President Nelson teaches that we will be strengthened as we are valiant followers of Jesus Christ and as we honor our covenants. He announces new temples.
    He Goes before Us
    President Eyring teaches that the Lord knows the future and leads us, step by step, to accomplish his purposes in the latter days.
    Hear Him
    President Nelson teaches how we can hear the Lord, and he issues a new proclamation: “The Restoration of the Fulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ: A Bicentennial Proclamation to the World.”
    Hosanna Shout
    President Nelson leads participants in the sacred Hosanna Shout in commemoration of the First Vision of the Father and the Son.
    Hosanna and Hallelujah—The Living Jesus Christ: The Heart of Restoration and Easter
    Elder Gong teaches how Jesus Christ is the heart of Easter and latter-day restoration.
    How the Priesthood Blesses Youth
    Brother Petelo teaches how priesthood service can bless young men.
    How the Priesthood Blesses Youth
    Sister Kaouk teaches how young people can be blessed by the priesthood.
    Opening Message
    President Nelson teaches that as we strive to become more like our Savior, we can have peace and joy even in difficult times.
    Opening the Heavens for Help
    President Nelson introduces a new visual identifier for the Church and invites all to join in fasting and prayer.
    Prayers of Faith
    President Eyring teaches how praying in faith can help us each discover our unique role in the ongoing Restoration.
    Shall We Not Go On in So Great a Cause?
    President Ballard describes the faithfulness and sacrifice of Joseph Smith and his brother Hyrum.
    Sharing the Message of the Restoration and the Resurrection
    Elder Christofferson teaches about the importance of sharing the message of the Restoration and offers three requirements to do so successfully.
    Spiritually Defining Memories
    Elder Andersen teaches that remembering the spiritually defining moments in our lives can strength and comfort us during challenging times.
    That They May See
    Sister Cordon invites us to follow the example of Jesus Christ and to in turn be a light and an example to those around us.
    The Blessing of Continuing Revelation to Prophets and Personal Revelation to Guide Our Lives
    Elder Cook teaches that prophets continue to receive revelation to guide the Church and that we can receive revelation to guide our lives.
    The Coming Forth of the Book of Mormon
    Elder Soares describes the many miracles involved in the coming forth of the Book of Mormon, including the miracles that can happen in our lives because of this sacred record.
    The Finest Homes
    Elder Clayton teaches that we become our best selves as we strive to live the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.
    The Great Plan
    President Oaks teaches the principal elements of Heavenly Father’s plan, including four assurances it gives us to help us through mortality.
    The Melchizedek Priesthood and the Keys
    President Oaks teaches about the functioning of the priesthood in the Church and in the home.
    The Power of the Book of Mormon in Conversion
    Elder Tai teaches that the Book of Mormon contains the doctrine of Christ and helps us draw nearer to God.
    The Sustaining of Church Officers
    President Oaks presents Church leaders for a sustaining vote.
    United in Accomplishing God’s Work
    Sister Bingham teaches how, following Adam and Eve’s example, men and women can work together to value each other’s innate differences and divine roles.
    “Let This House Be Built unto My Name”
    Elder Bednar teaches that temple ordinances and covenants change our hearts and bless families on both sides of the veil.