I Was a Stranger - Invite a Refugee to Dinner


    Be a Sincere Friend
    Fatou, a refugee from Ivory Coast, and Toni share a love for cross-country running and develop a friendship far beyond the Big Brothers Big Sisters program.
    Feeding the Refugees in Beirut
    When Antoinette was a young girl, her parents taught her to take care of those in need by giving them food and a place to stay. Her father told her that some day she should open a free restaurant for the hungry.
    Giving All for Refugees in Kurdistan
    Dr. Nemam is a native of Kurdistan, a land torn apart by war. She was working in Sweden when she heard news that her people were suffering, so she decided to return and offer any help she could.
    Helping Refugees in Iraq – The Mayor of Howesk
    “We are not perfect, but we love helping others, because we know this is an emergency, and people in hard situations should show who they really are and be good to one another,” says the mayor.
    I Was a Stranger: Love One Another
    Helping a young refugee from the Ivory Coast leads to a blessed friendship for two women.
    I Was a Stranger—Invite a Refugee to Dinner
    Milan and her daughters are refugees from Bhutan. Michelle and her family meet them and invite them over to cook dinner together and learn about each other’s culture.
    LDS Charities Syrian Response 2013
    A short video outlining the the church's humanitarian response to the early days of the Syrian refugee crisis.
    Providing for the Refugees in Lebanon
    Refugees who fled from violence in Syria to peace in Lebanon are still facing serious challenges. There are no jobs for the adults and no schools for the children. Many are going without daily necessities.
    Refuge from the Storm
    This moment does not define the refugees, but our response will help define us.
    Refugee Baby Shower: Giving One Family a New Start – Give Back by Mormon Channel
    A relief society decides to heed the call from the first presidency to help refugees by throwing a refugee mother a baby shower.
    Rescuing Refugees in Kurdistan
    Refugees from Mosul in Northern Iraq were given a place to live when two brothers gave up their houses to 23 families.
    Scout Troop Learns that Helping Refugees is as Easy as Riding a Bike - Give Back By Mormon Channel
    A local Boy Scout troop teamed up with the IRC to build bikes for refugees in need of better transportation. It turned out to be a bonding experience that the boys would never forget.
    Syrian Refugee - “The moment I was shot I knew I would never walk again”
    With millions impacted by the Syrian civil war that broke out in 2011 many have fled for safety and refuge. Watch and listen to Nadia’s story; A 12 year old Syrian refugee child, who while fleeing Syria, was shot in the back and paralyzed.
    Welcome to America: Giving Refugees New Hope with Household Goods
    The Welcome to America project is a nonprofit in Phoenix that brings donated goods to refugees’ homes and helps them start their new lives. 
    When We Were Strangers
    Latter-Day Saints were forced from Missouri, citizens of Quincy, Illinois offered refuge, as reflected in the writings and experiences of Elizabeth Haven Barlow.