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    Personal Stories: Temple and Family History

    Personal Stories: Temple and Family History

    Japan: Family History


    An Enhanced Temple Experience
    Two families take their own family name to the temple for the first time.
    Because of James
    This video shows how one young man responded to Elder Bednar's invitation by involving his entire family in family history and temple work.
    Connect Belong - RootsTech Kickoff 2018
    The RootsTech kickoff video was held at the RootsTech 2018 conference.
    Courage: I Think I Get It From Him
    Learn about your ancestors strengths to discover your own strengths.
    Family History Strengthens Family Unity
    Families in the Guaymuras Stake in Tegucigalpa, Honduras have grown closer as they have participated together in family history and temple work.
    Family History in a Foreign Language
    McKenna sought answers to her family’s perplexing health issues by searching her mother’s ancestry. The Lord helped her conquer great difficulties to find 200 ancestral names from India.
    Gathering and Growing: Eldon’s Story
    In seeking to find a goal that will strengthen his relationship with Heavenly Father, Eldon discovers the joy of gathering Israel together with his family.
    If We Put God First
    A young woman facing adversity shares how she was strengthened by setting aside the things of the world and putting God first.
    Including Me
    This video shows how a little girl's prayers that her family would be sealed in the temple were answered.
    Indexing is Vital
    This short video demonstrates how indexing is vital to making vital records searchable online for temple and family history work.
    It Was Worth the Wait
    A 15-year old young woman experiences joy and great satisfaction when she goes to the temple for her grandmother.
    Ministering to All: All Means All Video
    A video conveys a family ministering to a sister through family history, and aids her in finding family members to take to the temple.
    Ministering to the New and Tender: Newly Baptized Members Video
    A video depicting a newly baptized family going to the temple to do baptisms for their deceased family members three weeks after their own baptism.
    My Full Conversion
    A Church member describes how her conversion to the Gospel was solidified through temple and family history work.
    Redeeming the Dead Redeemed Me
    Stephen Jezek was able to feel the Spirit again, overcome addictions, and get baptized because of his experience indexing. Learn how family history can increase personal righteousness in your ward and stake.
    Rise To Your Call
    Rise to your call - President Eyring describes the significance, blessings, and impact of your family history calling.
    RootsTech 2015: Healing Families
    Mandy Phillips accepts Elder Andersen's temple challenge and is reunited with her grandparents she hasn't seen in 20 years.