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    Personal Management, Goals, and Priorities—Mormonads

    Personal Management, Goals, and Priorities—Mormonads


    Don't Buy It
    Don't Buy It. Things of eternal worth can't be bought. You came here with one life to spend. Don't spend it all on stuff. (See Matthew 16:26.) Nov. 2007
    Going Nowhere?
    Going Nowhere? Are the things that keep you busy taking you where you want to go? (See Matthew 6:33.) Aug. 2006
    Invest Yourself in Your Future
    Invest Yourself in Your Future. Jan. 1985
    Keep Yourself Free
    Keep Yourself Free. If you’re not careful, the world will sell you things until it owns you. (See Matthew 6:19–21.) Feb. 2003
    Killing Time Injures Eternity
    Killing Time Injures Eternity. (See D&C 88:124.) Oct. 1990
    “How do we find our way through the many things that matter? We simplify and purify our perspective. Some things are evil and must be avoided; some things are nice; some things are important; and some things are absolutely essential.” (Elder Neil L. Andersen of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, Apr. 2007 general conference)
    Play Your Part
    Play Your Part. Got an assignment? Follow through. Other people are counting on you. (See D&C 107:99–100.) Aug. 1997
    Procrastination. If you don't start, you'll never … (See D&C 60:13.) June 2006
    Some Things can't Wait
    Some Things can't Wait. Procrastination can create a mess. (See Mosiah 4:27.) Nov. 1990
    Spend Time Wisely
    Spend Time Wisely. “Choose to do many good things of your own free will” (For the Strength of Youth [2011], 3). Sept. 2012
    Spread Thin?
    Spread Thin? If you have too many things to do and you find yourself in a jam, try a smaller slice of life. (See Mosiah 4:27.) Oct. 2003
    Stay out of Hot Water
    Stay out of Hot Water. Credit card debt can really turn up the heat. Escape the pain of debt by saving for the things you need. (See 1 Timothy 6:10.) May 2003
    Your Book of Life
    Your Book of Life. What will you put in it? Each day brings a new page to write on. Live so that every page says, “I’m glad I did” not “I wish I had.” (See L. Tom Perry, "How to Fill Your Book of Life," New Era, Feb. 2014, 48.) Oct. 2015
    Your Home away from Home
    Your Home away from Home. It’s beautiful—keep it clean. But it’s temporary—keep yourself clean. (See D&C 29:23–27.) Sept. 1998