Old Testament—Lesson 21-40

    A girl sits at a diner and eats french fries


    "Strength beyond My Own"
    This music video emphasizes the beauty and importance of the temple.
    A Seer Will I Raise Up
    (JST, Genesis 50) Joseph Smith is prepared to bring to pass the restoration of the Gospel.
    (Genesis 17) The Lord appears to Abraham and covenants with him.
    (Genesis 17) The Lord appears to Abraham and covenants with him.
    Continue in Patience
    Patience requires that we obey God's commandments and faithfully wait for His will to be fulfilled.
    Enemy Territory
    President Boyd K. Packer shares an experience in which he was protected during World War II by listening to a prompting from the Spirit and promises youth that they will be protected if they "heed the promptings that come from the Holy Ghost."
    Elder Jeffrey R. Holland explains the nature and pitfalls of envy.
    Forgiveness: My Burden Was Made Light
    After a man loses his wife and several children in a car accident, he finds healing and is able to forgive the offending driver through the power of Jesus Christ.
    Fulfillment of Righteous Desires
    Those who do not marry in this life will have the desires of their hearts fulfilled in eternity If they have hope, exercise faith, and joyfully endure to the end.
    Heavenly Father Knows Me
    After a trial of her faith, a young woman receives a witness that Heavenly Father truly does answer prayers.
    I Choose to Be Pure
    Six interfaith youth speak candidly on why they have chosen to be sexually pure.
    Leave the Party
    John's life may have been very different had he not had the courage to leave a party one evening in Japan.
    Marriage is Sacred
    Elder Russell M. Nelson shares an analogy illustrating the sacred nature of eternal marriage.
    New Year's: Look Not behind Thee
    Faith in Jesus Christ gives us strength to leave the past behind and look ahead to a brighter future.
    Refrain from Anger
    President Thomas S. Monson recounts the tragedy of brothers who held a grudge against each other for 62 years.
    Stay within the Lines
    Just as athletes must stay within lines to compete in sports, those who are called to labor in the Lord's work must stay within the lines of worthiness.
    The Lord’s Law of Chastity is Clear
    Elder Neil L. Andersen reads and comments on a statement from the First Presidency defining the Law of Chastity.
    Two Brothers Apart
    Follow Luke and Sam over several years as they struggle to understand and connect with each other.