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    Native American Heritage

    Native American Heritage

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    Be a Better Friend or Sibling
    A young woman draws three lessons for how to be a better friend and sibling from an experience of saying hurtful things to a brother before he unexpectedly died. Have a desire to improve, act with courage, and be motivated by the best of intentions.
    Choose a Career You’ll Love
    When choosing an education or career, says a young father, seek input from many people, including family and experts, and see how their counsel matches your views and values. After settling on a decision, take your plan to the Lord.
    Deal with Feelings of Inadequacy
    One woman shares how easy it is to feel inadequate in a social-media world, to compare someone else’s best with your worst. My best is different every day. We should concentrate on pleasing the Lord. Then feelings of inadequacy will melt away.
    Encourage Your Parents to Come Back to Church
    When it comes to helping your parents find their way back to church, love is really the only answer. If offensive words get in their way and activity tapers off, you can still love your parents, serve them, and respect them.
    Feel Appreciation for My Native Heritage
    One woman shares how her native heritage helps her feel a deeper connection to others. “My native heritage is so important to me. It’s a huge part of who I am. It’s a part of my daily life[,] . . . my spirituality. I like my heritage.”
    Find Answers to Your Faith-Based Questions
    Finding reliable answers in today’s internet world can be challenging, says one woman. Finding faith-based answers requires prayer. Questions are good. The Lord expects us to study and learn for ourselves. Answers come if we trust the Lord to lead.
    Find Daily Happiness in a Scary World
    Finding happiness every day can be challenging—especially when the world seems scary. This young woman tells how she replaces fear with faith by praying and then looking outside herself to find others who need assistance.
    Find Happiness in the Face of Failure
    Failure is part of being human, says this young man. Feelings of failure come from comparing yourself with others. To overcome those feelings, focus on things that make you happy, such as family and friends and activities.
    Find Joy Every Single Day
    Young man shares how he tries to remember those “amazing moments” in life so that down the road he can rekindle the feeling when he needs it. Joy is in the simple things like greeting a stranger. Kindness brings joy.
    Find Value in Your Heritage
    Matthew shares how learning the stories, traditions, and principles from his Native heritage has strengthened his beliefs and faith. Building on our heritage helps us become our best selves.
    Find Your Identity as a Native American Youth
    Many Native American youth struggle with their identity and what they are to do. By finding their natural-born strength, resilience, and love, they can be a pioneer in their family to break through barriers and contribute to the world.
    Focus on the Positive in a Negative World
    Matthew shares how focusing on positive things in life helps him remember that “there’s a lot of love in the world, … there’s a lot of love from our Heavenly Father, and there’s a lot of love … in our friends and our family.”
    Improve Sibling Relationships
    Being a sibling can feel like a balancing act. Siblings can get on each other’s nerves. By focusing on having fun, being patient, and learning from one another, you can find joy in one another’s company. We remember we are in it together.
    Live in Both the Native American and Church Cultures
    As a Native American member of the Church, you may feel like you live in two separate worlds. However, the beliefs and values of these worlds often overlap. You can find balance by honoring the similarities of both cultures.
    Love Your Heritage and Share It
    A young Navajo man shares his love for his culture through stories and dancing. Sharing his heritage with others produces good feelings, he said. “We all belong to the same world. We’re all together, and so we all should treat each other that way.”
    Prepare for Marriage and Parenting
    Can we fully prepare for the greatest challenges in life—marriage and parenting? A young mother counsels to trust in the Lord and prepare spiritually. Take your concerns to the Lord. Blessings come as we pray. He trusts you.
    Retain Your Traditions and Live the Gospel
    You can retain your Native traditions and live the gospel of Jesus Christ by finding bridges between the two. Many Native traditions complement principles of the gospel, which makes them easy to share with new generations.
    Take Pride in Your Native Heritage
    As Native Americans, we can get so wrapped up in the idea of what we’re “supposed” to be that we lose sight of who we really are. We’re a happy, spiritual people. We know where we are and where we come from. Take pride in our heritage.