A young woman with long blonde hair stands and plays the flute with people on either side of her playing as well.


    Boy Playing Piano
    A boy sits down and plays the piano.
    Boy on Banjo
    A boy sits down and plays a banjo.
    Carolers singing Christmas hymns in the snow.
    A group of cellists perform together.
    Composing Music
    A woman makes notes on her sheet music as she composes at the piano.
    A young woman conducts a choir.
    Conducting Ward Choir
    A young woman conducts a choir in song.
    David Archuleta
    David Archuleta sings while standing next to a piano.
    Hands are seen playing a drum.
    An image of drums.
    Electric Guitar
    A man plays an electric guitar with a band outside.
    Family Music
    A father plays the guitar while his sons play a ukulele and a guitar.
    Family Playing Music
    A family stands around the piano while the mother plays, and all sing together.
    Family Playing Together
    A young man plays the guitar while his family sings.
    Family Singing Together
    A family gathers around the piano and sings together as a daughter plays.
    Family at the Piano
    A mother plays the piano while her children watch nearby.
    A young woman stands and plays the flute.
    Friends on the Beach
    A group of young women sit together on the beach.
    A man performs on a glockenspiel.
    Guitar on the Beach
    A young man walks in the water along the shore while he plays his guitar.
    An image of an electronic keyboard.
    Listening to Music
    A young man and young woman sit together and listen to music.
    A mandolin hangs on a wall.
    Mormon Tabernacle Choir
    The Mormon Tabernacle Choir performs in the Tabernacle.
    Mother and Daughter and Music
    A mother and daughter listen to music together.
    Music Stands
    Music stands lined up for musicians to read their music from.
    Nauvoo Pageant Guitarist
    A performer plays his guitar and harmonica and sings at the Nauvoo Pageant.
    Organ Pipes
    The organ pipes inside the Conference Center.
    An organist performs at the Salt Lake Tabernacle.
    Piano Keys
    An image of the keys on a piano.
    Pipes on the Organ
    An image of pipes on an organ.
    Playing Guitar
    A close-up image of a man’s hand strumming the strings on a guitar.
    Playing Guitar
    The hands of a young man are seen strumming a guitar.
    Playing Ukuleles
    Three women sit together and play ukuleles.
    Playing Violin
    A close-up image of a hand playing on a violin.
    An image of a saxophone.
    Sheet Music
    Sheet music sits on a music stand for a performer to read from.
    Singing Performance
    A man performs a solo.
    Singing the Hymns
    A young girl sings in Church while holding a hymnbook.
    Strumming the Guitar
    A young woman plays on the guitar.
    A man plays his trumpet while sitting in the living room.
    Tuning the Violin
    A young man tunes his violin.
    Two hands are seen strumming a ukulele.
    A woman performs on the violin at a concert.
    Ward Choir
    A ward choir sings in a chapel.
    Woman Plays Guitar
    A woman stands outside and plays her pink guitar.
    Woman in Mormon Tabernacle Choir
    A woman in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sings while holding her music.
    Women in Choir
    A group of women perform together in a choir.
    Women’s Choir
    A group of women standing and singing in a women’s choir.
    Young Man Listening to Music
    A young man sits outside and chooses music to listen to on his iPod.
    Young Man Plays Saxophone
    A young man prepares to put a reed on his saxophone.
    Young Woman on Piano
    A young woman plays the piano.
    Young Woman on the Harp
    A young woman plays the harp during a performance.
    Youth Band
    A young man and young woman play in an instrumental band together.