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    A Mother's Hope
    When President Uchtdorf was a young child, he learned that his mother was a great example of how hope and faith can overcome fear.
    Accolade: For Every Woman and Mother
    Motherhood doesn’t come with an award or accolade to collect. But every day, women make a choice to keep going despite the challenges they face—all daughters of God; all beautiful and valuable.
    An Angel Foretells Christ’s Birth to Mary
    The angel Gabriel, sent from the presence of God, announces to the young Mary her future role as the mother of the child Jesus.
    Cassandra barney 30
    A free-spirited mother and artist encourages her children to explore their creativity in her studio.
    Happy Mother\'s Day, Mom!
    Youth wish a happy Mother's Day to the women they love and appreciate most in their lives.
    Help Make a Mother’s Day Beautiful
    Many mothers around the world face challenges they cannot solve themselves. LDS Charities helps mothers overcome those challenges so they can focus on what matters most—being a mom.
    I'm a Mormon, Cultural Mesh, and Self-Invented Cook
    Nadia Las Deskins is a Mormon mother devoted to passing on her Persian heritage. She teaches her children Farsi, cooks her grandmother's recipes, and makes room for one more at the table. See more at
    I'm a Mormon, Devoted Mother, and Avid Photographer
    Shawni Pothier admits that motherhood is an experiment and her parenting strategies work about half the time. Still, she 's a Mormon mother who finds joy in capturing precious moments. See Shawni at
    I'm a Mormon, Former Journalist, and Dedicated Mother
    Jane Clayson Johnson once interviewed the U.S. President and anchored Good Morning America. Then this Mormon woman put her plans on hold to fulfill another lifelong dream: become a mother. See more at
    I'm a Mormon, Kiwi, Mother, and Polkadot Entertainer
    She’s a Polkadot. He’s a Polkadot groupie. She’s an eyebrow guru. He’s a crown prosecutor. But best of all, she’s a nutter and he adores her for it. See more on this Mormon couple at
    I'm a Mormon, Mother of Three, and Joyful Artist
    As a free-spirited mother, Cassandra Barney encourages her children to explore creativity in her studio. Family and career blend for this Mormon artist like the colors on her brush. See more at
    I'm a Mormon, Mother, Grandmother, and Foster Parent
    Elizabeth takes in anything to which she can offer a better life – children, animals, garage sale items. She's a Mormon set on making a difference. See more at
    I'm a Mormon, Mother, Survivor and Cancer Fighter
    Tessa Winger was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma at 16. Now the cancer is back. But this radiant Mormon mother of two feels the hand of God in her life. See Tessa's story at
    I'm a Mormon, Mother, and Filipino-American Artist
    A talented Filipino-American artist, Rose Dall, notes her greatest life's work is not her paintings but her family. The effects of mothering, she says, will far outlast her career. Read more at
    I'm a Mormon, World Squash Champion, and Imperfect Mother
    Years after conquering the game of squash, Mormon world champion Leilani Rorani learned that conquering the challenges of life requires a different type of perfection. Visit Leilani's page at
    I'm a Mormon, a Mother, and Finnish Born Photographer
    For Beatta Bosworth, home is where you make memories with the people you love. This Mormon mother is doing just that, and uses photography to stay in touch with her own Finnish home. See more at
    It Was Mom: A Mother’s Day Tribute To Moms
    Mother’s Day celebrates moms who gave us life and taught us how to live. This Mother’s Day visit to see why motherhood has been deemed the highest, holiest calling in the world.
    I’m a Mormon and Mother to 79 Orphaned Children
    The letter contained a single phrase: “Come, all hands are needed.” So Cécile sold her Paris home, brought her hands to Nepal, and built an orphanage. More at
    Just a Mom
    If you ever feel like you’re not enough, remember that to some you are everything. Women are creators of heaven on earth, partners with God in His work.
    Love Her Mother
    How can a father raise a happy, well-adjusted daughter in today's increasingly toxic world?
    Love at Home
    Mother's Day video featuring photos and music members have shared with the Church for use in upcoming projects.
    Make a Mother's Day Happy
    Join us to see how much time we can give back to mom’s within 48 hours. Share your moments using the #TimeForMom and we will count the hours you are giving to make a mother’s day happy.
    Mary, the Mother of Jesus
    Mary was highly favored of God and chosen to be the mother of Jesus Christ. Her humility, devotion, and strength stand as a model for all Christian disciples. Luke 1:26–35
    Motherhood an Eternal Title
    Being a Mother is something that does not just end in this life.
    Mothers and Daughters
    Young women in Alberta, Canada, talk about why their mothers are such good examples for them. Elder M. Russell Ballard teaches about the blessings and importance of the special relationship between mothers and daughters.
    The Joys of Motherhood
    Mothers share their testimonies and some of their experiences with motherhood.
    This is My Mother
    Family history work can help us see how we're alike.
    To Every Mother
    A tribute to all of the mothers in our lives; those we know, and those who came before. We are who we are largely because of our mother. Honor your mother by preserving the memories of her on
    Working Mothers
    Need to work with the Lord to accomplish the work.
    You Are Enough
    If children are enough exactly the way they are, then you are enough exactly the way you are.