The outside of a dark brown chapel in Ireland surrounded by green grass and a fence in front with a parking lot on the side.


    A Chapel at Dusk
    The sun shining on a red-brick chapel at dusk.
    A Chapel at Dusk
    A white chapel at dusk with clouds in the sky.
    A Meetinghouse
    A side angle of a meetinghouse with a steeple surrounded by a grass lawn.
    Air Force Academy Chapel
    Inside a chapel at the Air Force Academy.
    Bear Lake Stake Tabernacle
    A front view of the historic Bear Lake Stake Tabernacle.
    Benches in a Chapel
    A view of rows of wooden benches from the back of a chapel.
    Bergamo, Italy, Chapel
    A brick chapel next to a street in Bergamo, Italy.
    Bountiful, Utah, Chapel
    The outside of a chapel in Bountiful, Utah.
    Caldwell, Idaho, Chapel
    A side view of a chapel and parking lot in Caldwell, Idaho.
    Cambridge, Massachusetts, Chapel
    Front view of a Cambridge, Massachusetts, chapel.
    Cedar City, Utah, Chapel
    A rock chapel in Cedar City, Utah.
    Chapel Entrance
    A front view outside a chapel entrance.
    Chapel Exterior
    A large red-brick chapel with a blue sky and clouds above.
    Chapel Steeple
    A close-up view of a white steeple in the sky.
    Chapel and Visitors’ Center in Fayette
    A chapel and visitors’ center at Peter Whitmer’s farm in Fayette, New York.
    Chapel at BYU–Hawaii
    A tan chapel with a grass lawn at BYU–Hawaii.
    Chapel in Draper, Utah
    A road leading to a tan chapel in Draper, Utah.
    Chapel in Echo, Utah
    A dirt road leading to a chapel in Echo, Utah.
    Chapel in Farmington, Utah
    A white chapel with mountains and clouds in the background in Farmington, Utah.
    Chapel in Forest Grove
    A red-brick chapel and white steeple in Forest Grove.
    Chapel in Guatemala
    An orange and tan chapel in Guatemala.
    Chapel in Hyde Park, England
    A night view of a lighted chapel in Hyde Park, England.
    Chapel in Hyderabad, India
    A couple walking toward a chapel in Hyderabad, India.
    Chapel in Ireland
    The outside of a chapel in Ireland next to a parking lot.
    Chapel in Kansas City, Missouri
    A chapel with a clear blue sky overhead in Kansas City, Missouri.
    Chapel in Logan, Utah
    The outside of a chapel in Logan, Utah, showing brick, pillars, and stairs.
    Chapel in Mesa, Arizona
    A white chapel surrounded by trees in Mesa, Arizona.
    Chapel in Mongolia
    A red-brick chapel surrounded by a white fence in Mongolia.
    Chapel in North Salt Lake, Utah
    The front view of a chapel in North Salt Lake, Utah.
    Chapel in Provo, Utah
    A chapel made of stones with a steeple in Provo, Utah.
    Chapel in Provo, Utah
    A light brown-brick chapel entrance in Provo, Utah.
    Chapel in Puerto Rico
    A cream-and-tan-colored chapel in Puerto Rico.
    Chesterfield, England, Chapel
    A view outside a chapel in Chesterfield, England.
    Church in Erda, Utah
    The front view of a chapel in Erda, Utah.
    Cody, Wyoming, Chapel
    A red-brick chapel with a brown steeple in Cody, Wyoming.
    Eden, Utah, Chapel
    A chapel with mountains in the background in Eden, Utah.
    Entrance of Cody, Wyoming, Chapel
    View of an outside entrance of a Cody, Wyoming, chapel.
    Farmington, Utah, Chapel in Winter
    A snow-covered chapel and ground in Farmington, Utah.
    Fayette Chapel and Visitors’ Center
    A white chapel and visitors’ center in Fayette, New York.
    Gadfield Elm, England, Chapel Interior
    The interior of a chapel in Gadfield Elm, England.
    Historic Chapel in Gadfield Elm
    An outside view of a historic chapel in Gadfield Elm, England.
    Historic Garland, Utah, Chapel
    Rows of benches in a historic chapel in Garland, Utah.
    Historic Meetinghouse in Vermont
    A historic meetinghouse in Sharon, Vermont, shown in the distance.
    Historic Pine Valley Chapel
    A white fence bordering a historic Pine Valley chapel in Utah.
    Historic Salt Lake Chapel
    A small historic chapel in Salt Lake City, Utah.
    Hyde Park Chapel in England
    A tall, tan chapel in Hyde Park, England.
    Inside a Chapel
    Rows of empty wooden benches inside a chapel.
    Las Vegas Chapel
    An A-shaped chapel with windows in Las Vegas, Nevada.
    Logan Tabernacle
    A front view of the Logan Tabernacle.
    Logan Tabernacle
    A back view of the Logan Tabernacle.
    Logan Tabernacle Sign
    A sign surrounded by brick outside the Logan Tabernacle.
    Meetinghouse Foyer
    A meetinghouse foyer with a light shining on a painting of Christ.
    Mesa, Arizona, Chapel
    A white chapel and palm trees in Mesa, Arizona.
    Miami, Florida, Chapel
    A chapel in Miami, Florida, reflected in nearby water.
    Midway, Utah, Chapel
    A brown and white chapel in Midway, Utah.
    Outside of Fayette Chapel
    Outside view of a Fayette, New York, chapel and visitors’ center.
    Pine Valley Chapel
    An old wooden chapel in Pine Valley, Utah.
    Porto, Portugal, Chapel
    An orange and tan chapel in Porto, Portugal.
    Salt Lake City Chapel
    A chapel in Salt Lake City, Utah, on a grass hill.
    Socorro, New Mexico, Chapel
    A chapel hidden behind trees in Socorro, New Mexico.