March 16–22: Jacob 5–7

    Allegory of the Olive Tree


    Chapter 10: Jacob and Sherem
    Nephi dies, and his brother Jacob becomes the leader. A wicked man named Sherem tells people not to believe in Christ. Jacob speaks with Sherem, ands after a sign from God, Sherem repents and tells the people to believe in Christ.
    Help the Church Grow
    Quote given by Elder M. Russell Ballard in the Saturday afternoon session of general conference on April 2, 2011.
    Old Testament Olive Vineyard
    (Jacob 5–6) Seminary students visit an Old Testament olive vineyard and are taught how to care for olive trees. They discover conditions in the vineyard that parallel the conditions in Zenos’s allegory. Segment 1, Old Testament Olive Vineyard
    Put Your Trust in the Lord
    Become engaged in doing what you can in sharing the great message of the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
    Remembering in Whom We Have Trusted
    Elder Allen D. Haynie's address at the October 2015 General Conference.
    Sherem Denies Christ | Jacob 7
    Jacob 7 | Sherem preaches against the doctrine of Christ and demands a sign. He is smitten by the power of God and dies after confessing his sins to the people.
    The Cost—and Blessings—of Discipleship
    Jeffrey R. Holland encourages us to live the gospel faithfully and courageously, even when it is difficult.
    The Lord Leads His Church
    President Eyring teaches us that the Lord leads His Church through prophets and that we need to have faith to sustain those called to lead in the Church.
    Valiant in the Testimony of Jesus
    Elder Bruce R. McConkie discusses the meaning of being valiant in the testimony of Jesus Christ.