24 Jun. 17—23: Matthew 27; Mark 15; Luke 23; John 19

    A painting of Christ being presented to the Jews by Pontius Pilate.


    A Crown of Thorns
    A crown of thorns resting on a piece of white linen.
    Burial of Jesus (The Burial of Christ)
    Burial of Jesus (The Burial of Christ), by Carl Heinrich Bloch (62180); GAK 231; GAB 58; Primary manual 1-73; Primary manual 3-74; Primary manual 7-34; Isaiah 53:9; Matthew 27:57–61; John 19:38–42
    Christ Arrested by Soldiers
    Jesus being arrested by a group of soldiers at Gethsemane.
    Christ with a Crown of Thorns
    Christ wearing a crown of thorns on the day of His Crucifixion.
    Christ’s Hands Bound
    A detail of Christ’s hands bound by rope.
    Death and Resurrection
    An activity that teaches children about the Resurrection.
    Detail of Christ on the Cross
    A detail of Jesus Christ on the cross at the time of His death.
    Ecce Homo
    Ecce Homo, by Antonio Ciseri.
    Jesus Carries His Cross
    Jesus carries His cross on the way to His Crucifixion while wearing a crown of thorns and purple robe placed on Him by soldiers.
    Jesus Is Scourged
    Jesus is scourged by soldiers while in prison.
    Jesus Is Scourged and Crucified
    Jesus carries His cross on the way to His Crucifixion.
    Jesus Led to Prison
    Jesus is taken to prison.
    Light of the World
    Light of the World, by Brent Borup
    The Crucifixion
    The Crucifixion, by Harry Anderson (62505); GAK 230; GAB 57; Primary manual 1-59; Primary manual 2-61; Primary manual 3-71; Primary manual 4-11; Primary manual 6-27; Primary manual 7-33; Psalm 22:16; Matthew 27:31–50; Mark 15:20–37; Luke 23:33–46; John 19:16–37; 1 Nephi 19:10; 2 Nephi 5; 6:9; 10:3; 25:13; Mosiah 3:9; 15:7
    Three Crosses
    Jesus on the cross between two criminals.