God wants His children to have joy. This collection presents the power of joy that comes from keeping our covenants, serving our families, being parents, and performing temple work.


    A Yearning for Home
    President Uchtdorf teaches that turning to the Lord will make our lives better and will help us make the lives of others better.
    Blessed With Great Joy
    Taking care of a loved one can bring great blessings of joy.
    Created to Have Joy
    "God didn’t design us to be sad. He created us to have joy!" — Dieter F. Uchtdorf
    Joy in Families
    The greatest joys in this life center in families, as they will in the worlds to come.
    Proclaiming the Gospel Brings Joy
    (Alma 29:9–17) Elder Richard G. Scott speaks of the joy that comes in assisting others to understand and follow the Savior’s teachings.
    Repentance: A Joyful Choice
    Elder Dale G. Renlund tells a childhood story of lighting a firecracker in the chapel right before church began. He relates his story to the joy of repentance.
    That Your Joy Might Be Full
    Sister Bingham teaches that, despite the difficulties of mortal life, we can turn to Jesus Christ as the source of all healing, peace, and eternal progress.
    The Joy Of Family History Work
    Tim tells about the joy he finds in doing family history work and going to the temple.
    The Joy of Redeeming the Dead
    Quote given by Elder Richard G. Scott in the Sunday afternoon session on October 7, 2012.
    The Joy of the Priesthood
    Let us embrace and understand the wonder and privilege of the priesthood. Let us accept and love the responsibilities we are asked to fulfill.
    The Joyful Burden of Discipleship
    Ronald A. Rasband teaches that we can receive joy by serving each other and bearing one other's burdens as disciples of the Lord.
    The Joys of Motherhood
    Mothers share their testimonies and some of their experiences with motherhood.
    The Power, Joy, and Love of Covenant Keeping
    Linda K. Burton's talk given at the 2013 General Relief Society Meeting.
    The Real Joy of Christmas
    We find the real joy of Christmas when we make the Savior the focus of the season.
    The Source of Our Joy
    (John 16:20–22) In the final hours of the Savior's life, he taught his disciples about the joy that was to come. An excerpt from “Rejoice!” Ensign, Nov. 1996.
    Three Sisters
    President Uchtdorf tells a parable of three sisters—sad, mad, and glad—to teach that we are children of God and that the path of discipleship leads to joy.
    Turn On Your Light
    Sister Eubank encourages Latter-day Saint women to follow the charge given by President Spencer W. Kimball to be righteous, articulate, different, and distinct.