Inspirational Messages 2018

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    Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing
    BYU's musical group, Noteworthy, sings Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing over the story of a run-away girl trying to make sense of life after her father's death.
    Cyclone Pam: Faith and Self-Reliance in Vanuatu
    People who lived through the cyclone that passed over the South Pacific island of Vanuatu in 2015 describe the frightening experience and discuss faith and self-reliance with Elder Gary E. Stevenson.
    Discovering Truth
    Heavenly Father is pleased with us when we seek to discover truth. He loves to teach us line upon line, precept on precept. As we strive to learn from and rely on Him, He will bless us to see things as they really are.
    Gathering the Family of God
    Family History enthusiasts share touching experiences they had while finding their ancestors’ stories.
    Reach Up to Him in Faith
    President Russell M. Nelson teaches that just as the woman who was healed by touching the robe of Jesus, we can receive strength and direction by reaching out to Him as well.
    Reyna Aburto’s Story - Significant Moments - Trailer
    A series of significant moments throughout her life led Reyna Aburto from the depths of despair to incomparable joy.
    Reyna Aburto’s Story—Part 1: Heartbreak and Hope
    When an earthquake hit Nicaragua in 1972, nine-year-old Reyna's world was turned upside down.
    Reyna Aburto’s Story—Part 2: A Difficult Journey
    As a young adult and new mother, Reyna was devastated when her husband fell into addiction. When it became clear he was no longer trustworthy, she knew she had to leave.
    Reyna Aburto’s Story—Part 3: A New Beginning
    After a difficult separation from her first husband, Reyna found hope in the gospel of Jesus Christ. Her newfound faith led her to the peace, hope, and love she sought.
    Samuel and the Star
    The story of Samuel the Lamanite—a cherished account of a man’s courage and faith from the Book of Mormon—is depicted in a thoughtful and poetic rendition.
    Spiritual Dynamite
    Family history and temple service combine to create a spiritual power that will enable you to become the person God wants you to be. You can read Elder Renlund's talk from Family Discovery Day here. Read about Alfred Nobel - Man of Peace.
    Suicide Prevention: Choose to Stay
    A young man who struggled with depression shares a message with others who have thought about suicide: "Please, choose to stay." For suicide prevention resources, click here.
    Trust in the Lord
    Are you wishing your life felt more balanced? Try placing more trust in Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. They love you. Turn to Them in prayer, read about Them, and keep Them in your thoughts.
    “Songs Sung and Unsung”
    When you’re feeling low and your days are difficult, remember, “the Savior hears the songs you cannot sing. ”Don’t give up. “Believe in yourself and believe in Him.”