Inspirational Messages 2013

    A family hugs in a garden


    A Mother's Hope
    When President Uchtdorf was a young child, he learned that his mother was a great example of how hope and faith can overcome fear.
    A Secure Anchor
    Just like rock climbing alone can be dangerous, living your life without the help of the Savior can have disastrous consequences.
    Learn from the life of Esther and other inspiring women the importance of trusting in God and courageously standing up for what you believe.
    Daily Bread: Change
    Jesus Christ is the bread of eternal life. By following Him, remembering Him, and having faith in Him we can change and become what we aspire to become.
    Daily Bread: Change
    Jesus Christ is the bread of eternal life. By following Him, remembering Him, and having faith in Him we can change and become what we aspire to become.
    Daily Bread: Experience
    Sometimes in life, there is no where else to turn but to God. Elder D. Todd Christofferson shares a personal experience that taught him to truly pray, recognize answers to prayers, and take life one day at a time.
    Daily Bread: Pattern
    Just as we need daily physical sustenance, the need for daily spiritual sustenance is just as strong. We can remember Jesus Christ every day as we pray, read the scriptures, and meditate.
    Earthly Father, Heavenly Father
    Men on Earth have the opportunity to become fathers and experience some of the same joys that our Heavenly Father feels for us. Fatherhood is a divine responsibility to be cherished.
    Enduring Love
    Watch how this couple demonstrates pure love and service in their marriage—even though they have to endure debilitating physical adversity.
    Extraordinary Gift
    Kuha'o, a blind 15-year-old piano prodigy, freely shares his God given musical gift to bless the lives of everyone who listens.
    God\'s Greatest Creation
    As children of God, we are His greatest creation. "Anyone who studies the workings of the human body has surely seen God moving in His majesty and power." -Elder Russell M. Nelson
    Having Children Enriches Your Life
    Listen to experiences from married couples and discover how they found blessings within their families because of their decision to have children.
    Having Children in Faith
    It is a privilege for a husband and wife to be able to bear children. The decision on when to have children takes faith and is between the husband, wife, and the Lord.
    Leave the Party
    John's life may have been very different had he not had the courage to leave a party one evening in Japan.
    Mountains to Climb
    Finding faith in the Lord Jesus Christ will help us have the power to endure and overcome even the hardest trials in life.
    My Brother Hyrum
    Learn about Hannah's relationship with her brother Hyrum who has autism, and how she exemplifies Christlike love. Everyone deserves to be loved and valued, no matter how different they are from you.
    The best way to find truth is to go to the origin, our Heavenly Father, and ask for inspiration through prayer.
    Our Fun Family Vacation
    Some of life's happiest moments come from spending time with your family. Successful families are built and maintained with faith, love, compassion, work and wholesome recreational activities.
    The Reason Behind Christmas
    A Christmas angel, a grumpy old man, and an unusual Christmas pageant remind us all that amid the shopping and commercialism, there is a way to keep Christ in Christmas; by giving the gifts He want us to give.
    The Shiny Bicycle
    Everybody makes mistakes, and even though it's not easy, with the help of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ we can receive forgiveness for our sins.
    Wrong Roads
    When making decisions, God expects us to pray, trust, and be believing and then not give up, panic, or "jump ship" when something doesn't seem to be going right.
    Your Potential, Your Privileges
    President Dieter F. Uchtdorf shares a humorous parable of a man who realizes he has been living far beneath his privileges.