Hope Works

    Hope Works


    Navigating Grief: The Power of Connection—Hope Works
    Ally shares how connection with Deity, with your true self, with your family and friends, and with your community can spark hope.
    A Question That Put Life in Perspective | Stephen Jones
    Stephen Jones has always had a passion for performing, but when it came to providing for his growing family, he wondered if it would be enough.
    Answer the Call Abe Mills
    A former member of the boy band Jericho Road, Abe tells the incredible story of how listening to the Lord's voice has taken his family on an incredible journey
    Bringing About Change Through the Power of Integrity Yeah Samake
    A social entrepreneur and politician, Samake explains how honesty and integrity are still the keys to changing society.
    Bringing Hope | Ben Taylor
    Ben Taylor tells of how he listened to his heart and turned the efforts of a scam artist into a chance to help a whole village.
    Feeling Joy in the Midst of Struggle | Abby Stephens
    After suffering a paralyzing injury just a week before her wedding, Abby has learned how to use gratitude, faith, and humor to find joy in the midst of suffering.
    Finding Hope in Broken Dreams | Liz Wiseman
    Internationally renowned speaker and leadership consultant, Liz discusses how to find hope when all seems lost.
    Finding Strength in Jesus Christ—Hope Works
    Somewhere in your history, Yahosh believes, someone gave up something great for you. But you will always have someone who gave His life for you.
    Introduction to Cambry Kaylor
    Cambry Kaylor was injured in 2005 doing what she loved, equestrian vaulting. The freak accident left her a paraplegic.
    Is There Still Hope for Me?—Hope Works
    Darla believes our differences don’t make us broken—they make us powerful.
    Lessons in Love Holly Richardson
    Holly and her husband adopted 25 children from all over the world. Her message is that with the Lord's help, we can open our hearts and provide a home for the Lord's special children.
    Living Beyond “What If?” | Cambry Kaylor
    Cambry Kaylor was a promising equestrian vaulter with dreams of competing internationally. At age 18 she suffered an accident while vaulting, leaving her a paraplegic, but that didn’t stop her from achieving her dreams.
    Losing My Sister to Suicide—Hope Works
    Ganel-Lyn shares the gut-wrenching story of her sister Meg’s suicide. She provides advice for those left behind and a message of hope to those contemplating suicide.
    Mourn with Those That Mourn—Hope Works
    There are times to sit with someone, listen to them, and validate what they are feeling rather than give advice or resources. It’s more helpful to mourn with than for someone.
    Peace With a Lion David Lindes
    David spent many years finding and learning to forgive his father who abandoned his family when he was an infant.
    Push Forward in Life: A Survivor’s Story—Hope Works
    Brandon says life is not always beautiful, but the outcomes can be if you simply turn around and push forward.
    Seeing Green | Jill Thomas
    Jill Thomas lost her daughter Penny in a tragic accident. Though she had heard that the death of a loved one puts faith to the test, she was not prepared for the devastation she felt.
    Seeking God after the 2010 Haiti Earthquake—Hope Works
    The decision to do good, to make a difference, and to give something takes seconds. Marj encourages you to take only a few seconds to make a difference in someone else’s life.
    Spiritual Beings and the Human Experience | Matt Townsend
    Before Matt Townsend built his own successful relationship coaching practice, he was labeled “the jam bomber” and “loin boy” as a preteen. How do labels change our perceptions of ourselves? Who are we really?
    The Perfect Lie | Tiffany Webster
    When Tiffany Webster was 15 years old, someone asked what she hoped her life would look like in another 15 years. She saw perfection. But as checklists grew longer and expectations grew harder to meet, Tiffany felt exhausted and broken.
    The Ultimate Bucket List—Hope Works
    Noelle created an ultimate bucket list that helps her look forward to the future. She offers advice on how to push your fears aside by trying new things.
    Turning to God: Lessons from Falling—Hope Works
    MaKenna reminds you that it’s not the low moments that define you, but how you move forward.
    Using Your Trials to Help Others—Hope Works
    Pain and grief can be unspeakable. Because Molly had the courage to speak, she felt seen and heard. Pain is a powerful connector. Talking about it allows others to share their pain.
    We Aren’t God’s Only People | Samuel Hislop
    Years ago, Samuel Hislop moved to Eastern Ukraine. He discovered that the Ukrainian people, who came from cultural and religious backgrounds very different from his, had much to teach him as well.