A Woman and Her Granddaughter
    A woman in Pennsylvania stands and holds her young granddaughter.
    Children Walking with Their Grandparents
    Two children in Japan eating ice cream and walking outside with their grandparents.
    A man sits outside, coloring with his granddaughters.
    Family Outside
    Several generations of a family sit at a picnic table in Norway.
    Family in Germany
    A family in Germany standing together on a city street.
    Grandfather Hugging Grandson
    A man stands near the front door and hugs his grandson.
    Grandfather and Grandchildren Reading
    A grandfather reads with his two grandchildren.
    Grandfather and Granddaughter
    A man and his granddaughter, smiling.
    Grandfather and Granddaughter Looking at Photographs
    A grandfather shares a photo album with his granddaughter.
    Grandfather and Grandson
    A grandfather and grandson sit together at a dining table in Latvia.
    Grandfather and Grandson Outside
    A man and his grandson cutting coconuts in Tonga.
    Grandfather and Grandson Reading Scriptures
    A man and his grandson sit on a couch in Peru and read the scriptures together.
    Grandfather with Grandchildren
    A grandfather playing with children in New Zealand.
    Grandmother Hugging Granddaughter
    A woman in Australia hugging her young granddaughter.
    Grandmother Reading with Grandson
    A grandmother and grandson read together during a family gathering in Norway.
    Grandmother and Granddaughter
    A woman holding her infant granddaughter and laughing with her.
    Grandmother and Granddaughter Outside
    A woman and her granddaughter sitting outdoors together.
    Grandmother and Granddaughter Playing Soccer
    A grandmother plays soccer with her granddaughter in a large field.
    Grandmother and Granddaughter in Tonga
    A woman and her granddaughter cutting cake.
    Grandmother and Grandson
    A woman sitting on a park bench with her grandson in Russia.
    A couple in Bolivia holding their grandson.
    Grandparents Walking with Granddaughter
    A couple walking along a city street with their granddaughter.
    Grandparents and Grandson
    A couple in Boston spending time with their grandson.
    Grandparents on Temple Square
    Grandparents showing their infant granddaughter the Christmas lights on Temple Square.
    Looking at Family Photographs
    A man and his granddaughter look at a family photo album.
    Looking at the Family Photo Album
    A man shows a photo album to his family.
    Making a Smoothie
    A man and his grandson making a smoothie in a kitchen in Boston.
    Man Talking with His Grandchildren
    A man sitting outside in Brazil and talking with his two grandchildren.
    Preparing Dinner in Germany
    Grandparents help their grandchildren prepare the evening meal.
    Sunday Activities with Grandpa
    Two young boys and their grandfather reading a Church magazine and watching a video on a cell phone.
    Toddler Dancing
    A grandfather in Pennsylvania watches over his dancing granddaughter.
    Working in the Garden
    A grandfather and his grandson work and play together in their garden in South Africa.
    Young Women with Their Grandmother
    Two young women sit with their grandmother and look at family photographs.