An agapanthus, also known as lily of the Nile.
    Bee on a Flower
    A bee lands on a flower.
    A tree blossoms in the spring.
    Cape Daisy
    A white Cape daisy, also known as osteospermum.
    A yellow daffodil.
    A pink dahlia.
    Flowers in Window
    Red flowers growing in a window.
    Forget-me-not flowers with blue petals.
    An image of foxgloves with pink petals.
    Light Purple Wildflowers
    Light purple wildflowers in a park.
    A close-up image of lilacs.
    Little Flowers
    Yellow, pink, and light purple flowers.
    Nauvoo Mansion House Roses
    Yellow roses in the garden at the Mansion House in Nauvoo.
    Orange Flower
    The tip of a petal on an orange flower.
    Purple pansies with gold centers.
    Peach Tree
    Pink blossoms on a peach tree in spring.
    Pink Flower
    A small pink flower.
    Pink Flowers
    Little pink flowers bloom on a plant.
    Pink Rose
    A close-up image of a pink rose.
    Pink Rose Petals
    An image of a pink rose.
    Pink Roses
    Pink roses in a jar on a table.
    Pink Zinnia
    A pink zinnia.
    Purple Wildflowers
    Purple wildflowers in a park.
    Red Rose
    A close-up image of a red rose.
    Red Tulips
    Red tulips bloom in the spring.
    Red and White Tulip
    An image of a red and white tulip.
    Tulip with Water Drops
    A closed purple tulip with water drops on it.
    Tulips in the garden at Winter Quarters.
    Tulips and Daffodils
    Tulips and daffodils in a garden.
    A vinca, also known as periwinkle.
    White Blooms
    Little white flowers on a stem.
    White Blossoms
    White blossoms on a tree.
    White Rose
    An image of a white rose.
    White Wildflowers
    White wildflowers in a park.
    Purple wildflowers bloom in a field.
    Yellow Flower
    A flower with small yellow petals.
    Yellow and Pink Tulips
    Tulips with yellow and pink petals.