Final Events—Bible Images

    John 20:3–18, Mary hears Christ while looking for Him at the tomb


    Angel Appears in the Garden
    An angel appears to Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane.
    Angels Open the Tomb
    Angels come down and open the tomb where Christ's body lays.
    Apostles Find an Empty Tomb
    Peter and John find the empty tomb where the Savior had been.
    Bread at the Last Supper
    A detail of the bread broken by Christ at the Last Supper.
    Caiaphas judges Christ.
    Caiaphas Stands at the Cross
    Caiaphas looks upon the Savior, who is hanging on the cross.
    Christ Appears on the Road to Emmaus
    Christ walks with Cleopas and another disciple on the road to Emmaus.
    Christ Appears to Disciples
    After His Resurrection, Christ appears to His disciples.
    Christ Appears to the Apostles
    Jesus Christ sits with and teaches His Apostles and disciples after He is resurrected.
    Christ Appears to the Apostles
    The resurrected Jesus appears and shows Himself to the Apostles.
    Christ Approaches Thomas
    Thomas believes in Christ's Resurrection after Christ appears to him.
    Christ Arrested by Soldiers
    Jesus being arrested by a group of soldiers at Gethsemane.
    Christ Communes with Two Disciples
    Christ communes with two disciples after having met them on the road to Emmaus.
    Christ Enters Jerusalem
    Jesus enters Jerusalem on a donkey.
    Christ Heals a Severed Ear
    At the scene of His arrest, Jesus heals the soldier whose ear was cut off by Peter.
    Christ Kneels in the Garden of Gethsemane
    Jesus returns to the garden again to continue to pray and suffers great pain.
    Christ Kneels in the Grove
    Christ kneeling in Gethsemane to pray.
    Christ Laid in a Tomb
    Christ's body is laid in a tomb.
    Christ Looks at Judas
    Jesus looks at Judas Iscariot after being betrayed.
    Christ Praying in Gethsemane
    Christ kneeling and praying in Gethsemane.
    Christ Speaking to Pilate
    Christ meets with Pilate in private after being condemned.
    Christ Waking His Apostles
    Christ awakens His Apostles who have fallen asleep while waiting.
    Christ Walks into the Garden
    Christ walking ahead of His disciples into the Garden of Gethsemane.
    Christ after His Arrest
    Peter watches as Jesus is taken away bound by the soldiers.
    Christ and His Apostles in Gethsemane
    Christ and His Apostles approach the Garden of Gethsemane.
    Christ at the Last Supper
    A portrait of Jesus at the last supper.
    Christ in Captivity
    A portrait of Christ in captivity, standing trial.
    Christ in Jerusalem
    Followers of Christ wave palm leaves as Jesus enters Jerusalem.
    Christ with a Crown of Thorns
    Christ wearing a crown of thorns on the day of His Crucifixion.
    Christ’s Feet on the Cross
    A detail of Christ’s feet nailed to the cross.
    Christ’s Hands Bound
    A detail of Christ’s hands bound by rope.
    Cleopas sees His risen Lord after having met with Him on the road to Emmaus.
    Detail of Christ on the Cross
    A detail of Jesus Christ on the cross at the time of His death.
    Detail of Roman Soldiers Gambling
    A detail of Roman soldiers gambling for Christ’s clothing and belongings.
    Garden Tomb
    A portrayal of Christ's empty tomb after his resurrection.
    Jesus Being Nailed to the Cross
    Jesus is nailed to the cross.
    Jesus Blesses and Passes Wine
    Jesus blesses and passes wine, which represents his blood, at the Last Supper with the Apostles.
    Jesus Carries His Cross
    Jesus carries His cross on the way to His Crucifixion while wearing a crown of thorns and purple robe placed on Him by soldiers.
    Jesus Christ Is Tried
    Christ is tried before Caiaphas.
    Jesus Christ Passes Bread
    At the Last Supper, Christ administers the sacrament to His Apostles, telling them to take it in remembrance of Him.
    Jesus Christ and the Apostles
    Jesus walks with the Apostles.
    Jesus Christ before Caiaphas
    Jesus standing bound before Caiaphas and the Sanhedrin.
    Jesus Christ on the Cross
    Jesus Christ on the cross at the time of His Crucifixion.
    Jesus Christ on the Cross
    Jesus hangs on the cross between two thieves.
    Jesus Is Scourged
    Jesus is scourged by soldiers while in prison.
    Jesus Led to Prison
    Jesus is taken to prison.
    Jesus Offers Prayer
    Jesus offers the Intercessory Prayer.
    Jesus Standing Trial
    Jesus standing trial before Pilate.
    Jesus Warns Peter
    Jesus warns Peter of his forthcoming denial before offering the Intercessory Prayer.
    Jesus Washes Peter's Feet
    Jesus washes Peter's feet while at the Last Supper with the Apostles.
    Joseph of Arimathaea
    Joseph of Arimathaea brings the body of Christ to be laid in his tomb.
    Judas Betrays Christ
    Judas kisses Christ’s cheek in an act of betrayal.
    Lamp at the Last Supper
    An oil lamp burning at the Last Supper.
    Mary Cries at Christ's Punishment
    Mary is supported as she cries when Christ is condemned to death.
    Mary Encounters Christ at the Tomb
    Mary weeps outside the tomb while Christ approaches to speak with her.
    Mary Magdalene Hears Christ’s Voice
    Mary Magdalene hears the voice of Christ while seeking Him at the tomb.
    Mary Magdalene Weeps
    Mary Magdalene weeps after seeing that Christ's body is gone.
    Mary Sees the Resurrected Christ
    Mary Magdalene encountering the resurrected Christ at the empty tomb.
    Mary Speaks with the Resurrected Christ
    Mary Magdalene speaks with Christ after His Resurrection.
    Mary Watches Jesus
    Mary stands in the crowd as Jews condemn Christ.
    Nails in Christ’s Hand and Wrist
    Christ’s arm on the cross, with nails through His wrist and hand.
    People Shout Hosanna
    As Jesus walks through the crowds that greet him, they shout hosanna.
    Peter Denies Christ
    Peter denies knowing Christ three times.
    Peter Denies Christ
    Peter looks distressed after denying his association with Jesus Christ.
    Peter Speaks to Jesus
    Peter declares that he will not deny Christ.
    Peter and John Look for Christ
    Peter and John enter Christ's tomb to find that He is gone.
    Peter and John Speak with Mary Magdalene
    Peter and John invite Mary Magdalene to come back with them.
    Pilate Speaks to Christ
    Pilate questions Christ during His trial.
    Pilate Speaks to the Crowd
    Pilate speaks to the crowd that condemns Christ.
    Pilate Washes His Hands
    Pilate speaks to the people in the crowd and washes his hands of their accusations of Christ.
    Priests Condemn Christ
    Priests in the congregation condemn Christ before Pilate.
    Road to Emmaus
    Christ talks with two disciples about His death.
    Roman Soldiers Gambling
    Roman soldiers gambling for Christ’s clothing and belongings.
    Seeking Christ
    Mary Magdalene seeks the body of Christ and is told by angels that He is risen.
    Soldiers Coming to Arrest Christ
    A group of soldiers and others approaching Gethsemane to arrest Jesus Christ.
    Spear Thrust into Christ’s Side
    A soldier pierces Jesus' side with a spear at the time of His death.
    The Apostles Fall Asleep
    Christ’s Apostles sleeping while they wait for Him to return.
    The Apostles Feel Christ's Hands
    The resurrected Christ invites others to feel His hands.
    The Betrayal of Jesus Christ
    Judas gives Christ a kiss on the cheek as a sign to the soldier that Jesus is the one who should be arrested.
    The Crucifixion of Christ
    Jesus prays to the Father as He is nailed up on the cross.
    The Hands of Christ
    Christ invites people to touch His hands.
    The Last Supper
    Jesus passing bread to James at the Last Supper.
    The Resurrected Christ
    Christ appears to two disciples.
    The Resurrected Christ Preaches to the Apostles
    Christ continues to preach and teach His gospel even after His Resurrection.
    The Resurrected Christ and the Apostles
    Jesus Christ, now resurrected, approaches His Apostles and others.
    The Savior Warns Peter and Predicts his Denial
    Jesus talking to the eleven disciples at night.
    The Savior in Gethsemane
    Jesus kneels and prays to God in the Garden of Gethsemane.
    Thomas Sees the Resurrected Christ
    Christ approaches Thomas after Thomas declares that he will not believe unless he sees.
    Three Crosses
    Jesus on the cross between two criminals.