Family Portraits

    A mother and father smile in a picture with their three teenage daughters.


    A Loving Father
    Father with baby.
    A Young Family
    A portrait of a young couple with their baby daughter.
    Church Attendance
    A family attending church together.
    Family Biking
    A family preparing to ride bikes together.
    Family Home Evening
    A family playing games during family home evening.
    Family Laughs
    A young family in Mongolia laugh together in a happy moment.
    Family Outdoors in Mongolia
    An outdoor portrait of members of a family in Mongolia.
    Family Outside in Ghana
    A portrait of a family in Ghana.
    Family Picture
    A mother, father, and three daughters.
    Family Portrait
    A portrait of a family in Ghana.
    Family Portrait
    A family has their portrait taken on a bridge.
    Family Portrait
    A family portrait of a mother, father, and son.
    Family Portrait in Indonesia
    A portrait of a family from Indonesia.
    Family Portrait in Nature
    A family portrait taken in autumn.
    Family Portrait in New Delhi
    A portrait of a family in New Delhi standing together outside.
    Family Reading
    A family reading together in the park.
    Family Scripture Study
    A family in Mongolia studies the scriptures together.
    Family Walking
    A young family walks together.
    Family Walking
    A large family goes for a walk together.
    Family Walking
    Two parents walk with their daughter in Argentina.
    Family at General Conference
    A family attends general conference in October of 2012.
    Family at Home
    A young mother and father in Mongolia pose with their children in their home.
    Family at Home
    A family from Argentina sits in their home together around the dinner table.
    Family at the Park
    A young family from India at the park together.
    Family at the Temple
    A family walks on the temple grounds together.
    Family from Nepal
    A portrait of a family from Nepal.
    Family in Argentina
    An informal portrait of a family in Argentina sitting at their dinner table.
    Family in Australia
    A family in Australia sits together on a park bench.
    Family in Fiji
    A woman sits with her parents, who are from Fiji.
    Family in Hawaii
    An outdoor portrait of a family of eight in Hawaii.
    Family in Hawaii
    A family in Hawaii walks along the beach together.
    Family in Mongolia
    A portrait of a family in Mongolia.
    Family in New Zealand
    A mother and father in New Zealand show their children how to feed sheep.
    Family in Traditional Clothing
    A family in traditional Chinese clothing.
    Family in a Park
    A portrait of a family in a park in Australia.
    Family on the Beach
    A mother and father walk with their three children along the beach.
    Indoor Family Portrait
    A family portrait in a home.
    Informal Family Portrait
    A father and mother with their two young children in New Zealand.
    Mother and Children
    A mother and her four children in Argentina.
    Mother and Son
    A mother and her son sitting in front of a temple.
    Multigenerational Family
    A multigenerational family in Argentina.
    Outdoor Family Portrait
    A mother and father smile with their six children.
    Outdoor Family Portrait
    A mother, father, and son in Argentina.
    Two parents play with their children at sunset.
    Parents and Daughter in Fiji
    A portrait of a couple with their daughter in Fiji.