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    Documentaries on the Presidents of the Church

    Documentaries on the Presidents of the Church

    Brigham Young


    Brigham Young: Documentary
    A documentary of the life and service of Brigham Young. The characteristics learned through his life proved invaluable in leading the Saints to the Salt Lake Valley.
    David O. McKay: Documentary
    A documentary of David O. McKay about how to make each of us better people, and ultimately, more successful children of God.
    Ezra Taft Benson: Documentary
    A documentary about Ezra Taft Benson’s dedication and testimony in taking the Book of Mormon to the world.
    George Albert Smith: Documentary
    A documentary of George Albert Smith’s life in serving and testifying that Christ lives so all may be saved.
    Gordon B. Hinckley: Documentary
    A documentary of Gordon B. Hinckley about his influence in expanding the gospel of Jesus Christ to the corners of the earth.
    Harold B. Lee: Documentary
    A documentary of Harold B. Lee that demonstrates the obedience, humility, and trust required to carry out the Lord’s work.
    Heber J. Grant: Documentary
    A documentary of Heber J. Grant that teaches his humility in serving to benefit the welfare of others.
    Howard W. Hunter: Documentary
    A documentary about the life of Howard W. Hunter and his dedication of service and honor to God.
    John Taylor: Documentary
    A documentary of the third President of the Church, John Taylor. His is a story of spiritual strength and endurance amid challenges and persecution.
    Joseph F. Smith: Documentary
    A documentary of Joseph F. Smith that demonstrates his commitment as a servant in the cause of truth.
    Joseph Fielding Smith: Documentary
    A documentary of Joseph Fielding Smith exemplifying a life devoted to serving Jesus Christ.
    Lorenzo Snow: Documentary
    A documentary of the life of Lorenzo Snow. In doing the Lord’s will, Lorenzo Snow acted as a true instrument in the hands of the Lord.
    Spencer W. Kimball: Documentary
    A documentary of Spencer W. Kimball about his mission of spreading the gospel to all the world.
    Wilford Woodruff: Documentary
    A documentary of President Wilford Woodruff that portrays his strength in overcoming trials to fulfill his divine calling.