Dating and Marriage

    A portrait of a woman in a blue blouse and her husband in a button-up shirt, with a blue background.


    A Couple Bowling
    A teenage couple on a date at the bowling alley.
    A Couple Praying
    A young couple from Mongolia standing and praying together.
    A Couple Shopping
    A couple from Mongolia shopping together at a local market.
    A Couple Sitting on Stairs
    A couple from Mongolia sits on stairs by an orange door that is open.
    A Couple Smiling
    A portrait of a husband and wife smiling.
    A Couple Smiling
    A Korean couple standing and smiling at each other.
    A Couple from Bolivia
    A husband and wife from Bolivia hugging each other tightly.
    A Couple from Ecuador
    A husband and wife hug each other outside by a store in Ecuador.
    A Couple from Mongolia
    A couple from Mongolia sitting and reading scriptures together.
    A Couple from Mongolia
    A man in a red shirt sitting with his wife standing behind him.
    A Young Couple Outside
    An engagement picture of a young couple outside.
    At the Temple
    A bride and groom walking outside the Manila Philippines Temple.
    Barbecue Date
    A young couple goes on a date at a barbecue.
    Bride and Groom
    A portrait of a couple on their wedding day.
    Cooking Together
    A couple preparing food together in the kitchen.
    Couple Cooking in the Kitchen
    A couple from Mongolia takes a pan with prepared food out of the oven together.
    Couple Gardening in Thailand
    A couple gathering crops from large green bushes in Thailand.
    Couple Holding Hands
    An elderly couple from Romania holding hands and walking on a sunny day.
    Couple Hugging
    A portrait of a young couple hugging and smiling.
    Couple Walking Outside
    A young couple walking outside in the winter.
    Couple Walking and Holding Hands
    A husband and wife holding hands and walking down a sidewalk.
    Couple Walking and Smiling
    A husband and wife walk with linked arms down a street in Brazil.
    Couple Walking in Ecuador
    An elderly couple from Ecuador walking with linked arms down a street together.
    Couple at Home
    An elderly couple sits in chairs at their house and laughs together.
    Couple at a Carnival
    A couple at a carnival, holding cotton candy.
    Couple at the Beach
    A young couple from Portugal standing on the beach and looking over the ocean.
    Couple from Africa
    A couple from Africa standing outside together.
    Couple from Africa
    A husband and wife standing beside each other outside in Africa.
    Couple from Ecuador Laughing
    A couple from Ecuador laughing and standing in a workshop.
    Couple from Peru
    A man embraces his wife and kisses her forehead while standing outside.
    Couple from Romania
    An elderly couple standing in an orchard in Romania.
    Couple from Thailand
    A man holding an umbrella and walking next to his wife in Thailand.
    Couple from the Philippines
    A couple from the Philippines holding hands and walking down the middle of a street together.
    Couple with Bikes
    A couple outside with their bikes.
    Couples Hiking
    Two couples go hiking together on a group date.
    Dancing in the Kitchen
    A young couple dancing in their kitchen at their home.
    Date at the Park
    A teenage couple preparing food on a table at the park.
    Eating Outside
    A couple on a date, sitting at a table and eating outside.
    Elderly Couple
    An image of an elderly married couple.
    Elderly Couple
    An elderly couple studies the scriptures together.
    Elderly Couple Holding Hands
    A couple from Bolivia sitting down and holding hands.
    Elderly Couple Laughing
    A portrait of an elderly man hugging his wife while standing outside.
    Elderly Couple Walking
    An elderly couple walking while dressed in winter clothing.
    Elderly Couple from Brazil
    A man stands outside in Brazil while his wife kisses his cheek.
    Engagement Picture
    A woman kisses a man’s cheek in an engagement picture.
    Group Date
    Two young men and women on a group date together.
    Hiking Date
    A couple goes hiking together on their date.
    Hiking in Mongolia
    A couple from Mongolia holding hands while hiking up a hill together.
    Holding Hands
    A couple holding hands outside.
    Husband and Wife
    A husband and wife sitting and thinking in a kitchen.
    Missionary Couple
    A senior missionary couple in Mexico at the Church employment resource center.
    A newlywed couple moves into a new home.
    Playing on the Beach
    A young man carrying a young woman on his back at a beach in New Zealand.
    Playing with a Dog
    A young couple sitting on stools inside a kitchen and playing with a dog.
    Playing with a Dog Outside
    A young couple from Portugal sits on a bench and plays with a dog.
    Portrait of a Couple
    A portrait of a couple sitting on stairs.
    Praying Together
    A husband and wife from Ghana kneeling in prayer together.
    Preparing Food Together
    A couple from the Philippines standing in a kitchen and preparing food together.
    Remembering the Wedding Day
    A couple standing in front of a group of children, holding a picture of themselves on their wedding day.
    Sitting on a Bench
    An elderly couple looking at each other while sitting on a bench in a park in Romania.
    Sitting outside the Temple
    A young couple sits outside the Manila Philippines Temple.
    Smiling at the Beach
    A woman smiles while standing by her husband on a beach.
    Studying Together
    A couple from Thailand smiling and sitting at a table with gospel books.
    Studying the Gospel
    An elderly man reads the scriptures while his wife reads from a Liahona magazine in their bedroom.
    Tandem Biking
    Two couples riding tandem bikes down a narrow path.
    Teenagers Hiking
    Two teenage couples hiking outside together.
    Walking Together
    An elderly couple from Moldova holding hands and walking on a road together.
    Walking by the Temple
    A husband and wife walk close together outside of the Guayaquil Ecuador Temple.
    Walking in Brazil
    A couple holding hands and walking down a stone street in Brazil.
    Walking in an Orchard
    A young couple holding hands and walking through an orchard with blossoms.
    Walking on a Peru Beach
    A couple laughing and holding hands at a Peru beach.
    Washing Dishes
    A young couple standing by a sink while washing and drying dishes.
    Washing the Dishes
    A husband and wife stand by their kitchen sink and wash dishes together.
    Wedding Day
    A bride and groom in front of the temple on their wedding day.
    Young Couple Outside
    A young couple from Portugal sitting on a wooden bench outside.
    Young Couple from Mongolia
    A portrait of a young couple from Mongolia, with a blue background.
    Young Couple from Romania
    A young couple from Romania sitting on a brown couch beside each other.