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    Covenants and Ordinances

    Covenants and Ordinances



    Claim the Blessings of Your Covenants
    As we renew and honor our covenants, our burdens can be lightened and we can continually become purified and strengthened.
    Cleave unto the Covenants
    As we have faith in Christ and cleave unto our covenants, we will receive the joy spoken of in the holy scriptures and promised by our latter-day prophets.
    When we realize that we are children of the covenant, we know who we are and what God expects of us.
    Covenants and Ordinances
    (3 Nephi 11:14–17) Elder David A. Bednar explains that we come unto Christ through covenants and ordinances.
    Elder Nelson Talks About Covenants
    Making and keeping sacred covenants is a precious doctrine of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, according to prophets and apostles who lead the Church.
    Exceeding Great and Precious Promises
    Elder Bednar teaches about focusing on the promises of the gospel and how the Sabbath day, the temple, and our homes can help us remember these promises.
    Ordinances and Covenants - The Spirit of Elijah
    A young woman and her family discover the unanticipated blessings of family history work.
    Power from Covenants
    Our covenant commitments to God open the way for us to feel the power of godliness.
    Power through Temple Ordinances
    Power through Temple Ordinances Description: Worthiness to hold a temple recommend gives us the strength to keep our temple covenants. From keeping these covenants, we receive power to face the challenges of life.
    Preparing Families to Make Covenants
    As ward council members and missionaries work in unity, they are successful in helping converts prepare to make covenants.
    Renewing All Covenants through the Sacrament
    (D&C 20:75-79) Elder L. Tom Perry teaches about renewing all covenants through the Sacrament.
    The Power, Joy, and Love of Covenant Keeping
    I invite each of us to evaluate how much we love the Savior, using as a measure how joyfully we keep our covenants.
    The Priesthood and the Savior’s Atoning Power
    Elder Renlund teaches that the role of the priesthood is to deliver to God's children the opportunity to benefit from the Savior's atoning power.
    The Truth of All Things
    Elder Evans teaches that we can strengthen our testimonies by sincerely seeking answers, studying the scriptures, repenting, and keeping the commandments.