My Full Conversion


    Be Ye Converted
    True conversion occurs as you continue to act upon the doctrines you know are true and keep the commandments, day after day, month after month.
    Conversion Story—Belinda
    Belinda was introduced to the Church by friends.
    Conversion Story—Jean
    Jean talks about how he felt very unfulfilled until he started investigating the Church.
    Conversion Story—Linda
    Linda shares how the example of her member friends led her to attend church for the first time.
    Conversion Story—Lisa
    Lisa shares how hearing the gospel gave her the courage and the tools to change her life for the better.
    Conversion Story—Lloyd
    Lloyd shares how he felt power and truth as he started meeting with the missionaries.
    Conversion Story—Samantha
    Samantha shares how she finally felt that she had found the whole truth when she started meeting with the missionaries.
    Conversion Story—Sandy
    Sandy remembers the trial of losing her husband in the 9/11 attacks and how this trial led her to find the gospel.
    Conversion Story—Simon
    Simon shares how he gradually came to know that the Church was true.
    Lead Us to Conversion
    Your purpose as a leader is to help youth become deeply converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ. As their hearts change, you’ll see them become unified, share the gospel with others, and repent of their sins.
    My Full Conversion
    A Church member describes how her conversion to the Gospel was solidified through temple and family history work.
    True Conversion
    (3 Nephi 7:21–26) Elder Richard G. Scott tells what conversion is and how it can lead to aligning our views to the Lord’s. He teaches how to become truly converted.
    Truly Converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ
    (4 Nephi 1:1–19) Elder Dallin H. Oaks explains what conversion truly means. We qualify for eternal life through conversion as we “do” and “become”.