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    Coloring Pages—General

    Coloring Pages—General

    A color-by-number activity that reveals a hidden message about friendship.


    A Family at the Temple
    A family of five stands together in front of the San Diego California Temple.
    At the Aquarium
    Two children playing together at an aquarium.
    At the Beach
    Two children playing near the water at the beach.
    A father baptizes his son in a baptismal font.
    Baptism and the Gift of the Holy Ghost
    A young girl is baptized and then receives the gift of the Holy Ghost.
    Baseball Game
    A boy sitting on a bench is invited by other boys to join them in their baseball game.
    Bedtime Prayer
    A young girl kneeling by her bed to pray in the evening.
    Bedtime Prayer
    A girl kneels by her bed and prays.
    A little girl gets a priesthood blessing.
    Boy Reading Scriptures
    A boy sits in a chair and reads from his scriptures.
    An illustration of a face with an outline of the brain in the head.
    Christ Meeting the Children
    Christ sits and meets with children.
    Christ Raising the Daughter of Jairus Coloring Page
    A sketch of Christ raising the daughter of Jairus, based on the painting by Greg Olsen.
    Christ Visiting the Americas
    Christ visits the Nephites in the Americas as described in the Book of Mormon.
    Christ with Children
    Jesus Christ speaks with a group of children.
    Christ with Children Coloring Page
    A sketch of Christ with children, based on the painting by Del Parson.
    Color by Numbers
    A hidden picture will be revealed when each number is colored by different colors.
    Daniel in the Lion’s Den
    A black-and-white coloring page of Daniel sitting in a den, surrounded by lions.
    An illustration of two ears.
    Eighth Birthday
    A girl thinks about her eighth birthday, her birthday cake, and being baptized.
    An illustration of two eyes.
    Family Home Evening
    A coloring page of a family having family home evening.
    Family Maze
    A maze leading to family members, each involved in different activities.
    Family Night
    A family sits in the living room and sings together during family home evening.
    Family Prayer
    A family kneels in a circle and prays together.
    Family Reunion
    A large extended family gathers together for games and a barbeque.
    Family Scripture Reading
    A family of four sits together and reads the scriptures.
    Family Setting Up the Nativity Scene
    A family of four puts together a Nativity scene together.
    An illustration of two feet.
    Find the Hidden Message
    A hidden message will be revealed by coloring each number a different color.
    Find the Hidden Objects
    A drawing of a boy sitting outside, with hidden objects drawn into the image.
    First Vision Coloring Page
    A coloring page of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ appearing to Joseph Smith.
    A family does service for an elderly woman by working in her garden.
    General Conference Ensign Issue
    A father sits in a chair with his daughter and reads an Ensign.
    A family pushes their grandmother in her wheelchair.
    An illustration of two hands.
    An illustration of a heart.
    Helping One Another
    Two children helping another child who has dropped her belongings.
    Jesus Healing the Sick
    A sick man is lowered through a roof into a home where Christ waits for him and heals him.
    John Baptizing Jesus Coloring Page
    A sketch of John baptizing Jesus, based on the painting by Harry Anderson.
    Joseph Smith
    A portrait of Joseph Smith smiling.
    Joseph Smith Preaching
    Joseph Smith preaches to a congregation from a pulpit.
    Joseph Smith’s First Prayer
    Joseph Smith kneels and prays in a grove of trees.
    A jungle scene with a waterfall, palm trees, a giraffe, a flamingo, a tiger, and a squirrel.
    King Benjamin
    King Benjamin stands on his tower and preaches to his people.
    Looking for an Inn Maze
    A maze starting with Mary and Joseph and going through Bethlehem to a stable.
    Mary at the Tomb
    Mary stands by Christ’s open tomb and weeps.
    Missionaries Coloring Page
    A coloring page of two elder missionaries standing outside the door of a house.
    An illustration of an open mouth.
    Nature Scene
    A nature scene with a waterfall, a stream, trees, birds, fish, and rabbits.
    Noah and the Ark Coloring Page
    A coloring page of children at home playing Noah and the ark.
    Passing the Sacrament
    A boy passes the sacrament to a family in a chapel.
    People in Traditional Clothing
    A group of people stand together, each wearing clothes that represent his or her country.
    Posters of Prophets
    A boy tapes a poster of Joseph Smith to his bedroom wall next to a poster of Jesus Christ.
    President Monson Speaks
    A boy gives a talk at the pulpit alongside an image of President Monson speaking at the pulpit.
    Priesthood Blessing
    A young girl receives a priesthood blessing from five priesthood holders.
    Pumpkin Carving
    A father helps his children carve the letters CTR into a pumpkin.
    Race Day
    A large group of people beginning a race.
    Reading the Scriptures
    A boy sits in his armchair and reads his scriptures while his sister and his cat look up at him.
    Sermon on the Mount Coloring Page
    A sketch of the Sermon on the Mount, based on the painting by Harry Anderson.
    A little girl helps an elderly woman carry her groceries out of the store.
    Shaking Hands
    A young girl shakes hands with priesthood leaders.
    Sharing the Book of Mormon
    A girl gives an elderly woman a copy of the Book of Mormon.
    Sick Child
    A young girl sleeps in her bed while she is sick.
    Singing Hymns
    Two brothers sit together in a pew at church and sing from a hymnbook.
    Teaching about Baptism
    A teacher shows her Primary class a picture of a girl being baptized.
    Temple Marriage
    A bride and groom stand outside of a temple while their picture is being taken.
    The Birth of Christ
    Mary and Joseph sit next to the manger where baby Jesus lies.
    The Conference Center
    A father and daughter read from a Church magazine and think about the Conference Center in Salt Lake City, Utah.
    The Family
    A family of five hanging “The Family: A Proclamation to the World” on their wall together.
    The Good Samaritan
    A good Samaritan helps an injured man on the side of the road.
    Tying a Tie
    A boy stands in front of his mirror and practices tying a tie.
    Washing Feet
    Two hands washing someone’s feet.
    Watering the Garden
    A young girl and her grandmother watering a garden.
    World Puzzle
    A puzzle with numbers on each piece, which, when colored, will create a word with a phrase written in the center.
    Yard Work
    A boy and a girl clean up a yard together.