Church-Service Missionary

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    A Time and a Season
    Church-service missionaries serve in the addiction recovery program. See
    Are We Not All Beggars?
    Church-Service Missionary film about the Inner City Mission project.
    Church-Service Missionary Family History - Short
    Family Search provides opportunities for Church-Service Missionaries to serve others and make a difference from their very own homes.
    I'm a FamilySearch Missionary-Elder and Sister Busker
    Elder David Busker and Sister Leora Busker share how serving as FamilySearch missionaries has strengthened them as a couple and revitalized their lives.
    Life Experience Prepares Us to Serve
    Sister Siller wanted to serve a mission even though her husband was still working full time. She found that she could serve a Church-service mission now while she prepared for a full-time senior mission with her husband later.
    Living by Faith
    Elder and Sister Butler show how helping others through difficult times can be a faith building experience for those serving and those benefiting from the acts of service.
    Service Blesses Those Who Serve
    Elder and Sister Nelson had planned to serve a full-time senior mission until Sister Nelson suffered a stroke that left her in a wheelchair. They were able to serve a Church-service mission at the bishops' storehouse.
    Shine Your Light
    Find your Church-Service Mission Opportunity
    Their Lives are Full of Good Things
    Description: Church-service missionary’s lives are blessed by helping others with their family history work.
    We Need You!
    Being a Church-service missionary is an excellent way to help move the work of the Lord forward.