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    Celebrations of Christmas

    Celebrations of Christmas


    A Baby at Christmas
    A baby in red, white, and green pajamas sitting near a Christmas tree.
    A Family at Christmas
    A father, mother, and son standing by a Christmas tree.
    Angel Moroni and Christmas Lights
    A close-up view of Christmas lights with an angel Moroni statue in the background.
    Australian Family
    A father and mother play with their daughter in their apartment.
    Baby Jesus
    An image of the baby Jesus in a manger.
    Baby at Christmas
    A baby girl eating a candy cane at Christmas.
    Baby on Christmas Morning
    A baby sitting near the Christmas tree on Christmas morning.
    Baby on Temple Square
    A baby looks up at the temple while being carried around Temple Square at Christmastime.
    Candy Canes
    An image of candy canes in a jar.
    Children Reenact the Nativity
    A young girl representing Mary lays a doll in a makeshift manger.
    Christmas Boat Parade
    A festive, illuminated boat sails in the Newport Beach Boat Parade in California.
    Christmas Cactus
    A young girl decorates a large cactus with Christmas ornaments.
    Christmas Concert
    A girl performs at the Christmas concert.
    Christmas Cookies
    Cut-out cookies on a cookie sheet.
    Christmas Crafts
    A young girl making Christmas crafts in her home.
    Christmas Decorations
    A Ghanaian girl decorates a Christmas tree with a glossy pink ornament.
    Christmas Decorations
    A row of lanterns and a pine bough hang over a walkway in a shopping mall.
    Christmas Decorations
    A Navajo girl decorates a Christmas tree with a shiny red ornament.
    Christmas Gifts
    Wrapped gifts under a Christmas tree.
    Christmas Gifts under a Tree
    Wrapped gifts under a fresh Christmas tree.
    Christmas Lights
    An image of colored Christmas lights.
    Christmas Lights
    A close-up view of Christmas lights.
    Christmas Lights on Branches
    Yellow Christmas lights on tree branches.
    Christmas Mail
    An image of letters in a mailbox during Christmastime.
    Christmas Ornaments
    A group of ornaments hanging on a Christmas tree.
    Christmas Ornaments
    An image of Christmas ornaments on a tree.
    Christmas Play in Ukraine
    A group of children sitting on the floor, dressed in costumes for a Christmas play.
    Christmas Pyramid in Bavaria
    A large, illuminated Christmas pyramid overlooks a bustling Christmas market at night.
    Christmas Tree
    A Christmas tree stands in the lobby of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.
    Christmas Tree Branch with Lights
    A branch on a Christmas tree strung with white and red lights.
    Christmas Tree Lights
    A tree lit up with children standing nearby.
    Christmas on Temple Square
    A view of Temple Square at Christmastime.
    Cozumel Christmas
    Illuminated Christmas tree in Cozumel, Mexico, at night.
    David Archuleta
    David Archuleta performs at the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas concert.
    Decorating Christmas Cookies
    A grandfather decorates Christmas sugar cookies with his granddaughter.
    Decorating the Christmas Tree
    A boy places an ornament on the Christmas tree.
    Eating Christmas Cookies
    A grandfather eating Christmas sugar cookies with his two granddaughters.
    Family Christmas Scripture Study
    A family studying the scriptures together in their home at Christmastime.
    Family Setting Up Nativity
    A family gathered around a table, setting up a Nativity.
    Father and Daughter at Christmas
    A father holding his young daughter while looking at the Christmas tree.
    Frosting Christmas Cookies
    A family decorating Christmas sugar cookies together.
    Glass Star Ornament
    A small glass star ornament hanging from a Christmas tree.
    Gold Stars
    Some gold foil stars hang as part of a Christmas decoration display.
    Looking at a Christmas Tree
    A young boy standing and looking up at a Christmas tree.
    Luminarias at Christmas
    A luminaria on Temple Square at Christmastime depicting the Nativity scene.
    Making Christmas Cookies
    A young child using cookie cutters to cut out Christmas cookies.
    Mesa Arizona Temple at Christmas
    The Mesa Arizona Temple and grounds decorated for Christmas.
    Mormon Tabernacle Choir
    The Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas concert in the Conference Center.
    Music and Family
    A young woman plays the guitar for her brother and parents at Christmastime.
    Nativity Replica of Mary and Jesus
    A Nativity figurine representing Mary and Jesus in front of colorful Christmas lights.
    Nativity Replica of Wise Men
    Wooden replicas of the Wise Men as part of a Nativity set.
    Nativity Shepherd Figurines
    Several shepherd figurines from a Nativity set.
    A red and gold poinsettia near a lit Christmas tree.
    Polish Family
    A mother, son, and daughter feed birds at Christmastime.
    A ribbon decorates a Christmas present.
    President Monson at Christmas Devotional
    President Monson giving a talk at the First Presidency Christmas Devotional.
    President Uchtdorf at Christmas Devotional
    President Uchtdorf giving a talk at the First Presidency Christmas Devotional.
    Red Berries in the Snow
    Several red berries on a green bush covered in snow.
    Red Christmas Lights
    The blur made by red Christmas lights.
    Reflecting Pond at Christmas
    A view of the lights on the reflecting pond at Christmastime.
    Salt Lake Temple at Christmas
    Christmas lights decorate the grounds of the Salt Lake Temple.
    San Diego California Temple Nativity
    The white Nativity on the grounds of the San Diego California Temple.
    Setting the Table for Christmas
    A young girl putting out Christmas napkins while setting the table.
    Singing at the Piano
    A girl plays the piano while her family stands and sings.
    Snowflake Lantern
    A lantern on Temple Square decorated with patterns of snowflakes.
    South African Family
    A South African family spends time together in their sitting room at Christmastime.
    Temple Square at Christmas
    A bird’s-eye view of the Salt Lake Temple at Christmas.
    Tongan Family
    A Tongan family enjoys dessert outside.
    Tree Topper
    A young boy puts an angel on top of the Christmas tree.
    Two Sisters at Christmas
    Two sisters in Christmas dresses attend church at Christmastime.
    Washington D.C. Temple at Christmas
    Christmastime at the Washington D.C. Temple.
    White Snowflake Ornament
    A Christmas tree ornament in the shape of a snowflake.