Book of Mormon—Lessons 81-100

    Mormon Messages For Youth


    Ammon Teaches King Lamoni
    (Alma 18:12–23) President Henry B. Eyring speaks of loving people and having sincere concern for them.
    Choose to Be Humble
    (1 Samuel 15:10-35) President Hinckley encourages church member to choose to be humble.
    God Has Delivered Me
    (Alma 36) A young man who plans to sin now and repent later discovers new insights into the process of repentance as he comes to understand the suffering and change Alma the Younger experienced in his conversion.
    God Will Lift Us Up
    Rather than focus on her medical condition, Brittany has found comfort in serving others and trusting in the Lord.
    If We Are Well Prepared, Death Brings No Terror
    (Alma 28:12–14) Elder Russell M. Nelson teaches what soothes the sting and sadness caused by the death of a loved one.
    It Is Never Too Late
    Statement by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland in the Saturday afternoon session on March 31, 2012.
    Learn in Thy Youth
    (Alma 37:35) President Gordon B. Hinckley shares a story of the effects of neglecting a young tree.
    Priesthood Duty: Preaching the Gospel
    A young Aaronic Priesthood holder shares the gospel with friends and neighbors through service and testimony.
    Search the Scriptures Daily
    (Alma 17:1–3) President Thomas S. Monson encourages us to search the scriptures daily.
    The Privilege of Prayer
    Prayer is one of the most precious gifts of God to man.
    The Sting of the Scorpion
    A young boy’s encounter with a scorpion in the Arabian desert can teach us a lot about what we must do to avoid and overcome the venomous sting of sin.
    True Repentance Brings Hope
    (Alma 22:15–18) Elder Russell M. Nelson talks about how true repentance brings hope.
    Unto All the World: The Wan Family
    Follow the brethren as they travel the world.
    Why we need a Savior — A Christmas message about our Savior Jesus Christ. #ASaviorIsBorn.
    What would life be like without a Savior? There would be no joy, no forgiveness, no hope for the future. This Christmas, learn more about the hope, peace and happiness our Savior Jesus Christ can bring into our lives at