Baby Chick
    A portrait of a yellow baby chick.
    Baby Goat
    A baby goat on a farm.
    Bald Eagle
    A portrait of a bald eagle.
    Bald Eagle
    An image of the head of a bald eagle.
    Barking Sea Lion
    A sea lion barks.
    A bee collecting pollen from a flower.
    Bee and Purple Flower
    A bee on a purple flower.
    A beetle perched on a leaf.
    Black Bear Cub
    A black bear cub climbs up a tree.
    Black Cat
    A small black cat sits on the grass.
    Blue Jay
    An image of a blue jay perched on a tree.
    Boy Petting Goat
    A young boy petting a goat at a petting zoo.
    Bright Green Hummingbird
    A hummingbird perched on a tree branch.
    A portrait of a butterfly on flowers.
    Cat Portrait
    A portrait of a black and white cat.
    A young girl holds a caterpillar in her hand.
    A person’s hands holding a baby chick.
    Child Holding a Chicken
    A child holds a young chicken.
    Child Holding a Kitten
    A young girl holding a kitten.
    A chipmunk nibbling on plants.
    Portrait of a cougar’s head.
    Cow in a Corral
    A portrait of a cow in a corral with other cattle.
    A dog sitting by a doorway on a street in Ecuador.
    Dog Face
    A portrait of a dog.
    Dog at a Market
    A dog sits near a fruit market.
    Dolphin Swimming
    A dolphin pops out of the water while swimming.
    A portrait of an emu’s head.
    Ewe and Her Lamb
    A lamb stays close to its mother.
    Two deer grazing in a long grassy area.
    Two flamingos stand side by side.
    Floating Otter
    An otter floating on its back in water.
    A young fox running through grass along a fence and road.
    Three giraffes in a field.
    A portrait of a gorilla.
    Hawk Flying
    A hawk flying low over a fence.
    Holding a Lizard
    A boy holding a lizard in his hand.
    Horned Owl
    A portrait of a horned owl.
    Horse with Bridle
    A portrait of a horse with a bridle.
    A hummingbird drinks from a feeder.
    A ladybug on a leaf.
    A portrait of a leopard lying on its side.
    Licking Giraffe
    A giraffe licking its nose.
    An image of a male lion.
    Lion Fish
    A portrait of a lion fish.
    Lion Resting
    A portrait of a lion lying down.
    A portrait of a lioness.
    A portrait of a lizard.
    Longhorn Bulls
    Longhorn bulls on a farm.
    Male Lion
    A portrait of a male lion.
    An image of a black monkey.
    A portrait of a monkey.
    Mother Elephant and Calf
    An elephant calf stands close to its mother.
    A portrait of a mouflon, which is a subspecies group of wild sheep.
    Mountain Goat
    A mountain goat grazes.
    Orange Butterfly
    An orange butterfly sitting on an orange flower.
    Oyster Pearl
    An open oyster with a pearl inside.
    A macaw parrot with its beak open.
    A peacock with its feathers fanned out.
    A portrait of a penguin.
    Perched Hummingbird
    A hummingbird perched on a branch.
    Polar Bear
    A portrait of a polar bear.
    Prairie Dog
    A portrait of a prairie dog.
    Praying Mantis
    A portrait of a praying mantis on a leaf.
    A portrait of a long-eared rabbit.
    A portrait of rooster on a farm.
    Seagull on a Beach
    An image of a seagull near a beach.
    An image of a serval, an African wildcat, lying down.
    Sheep after being sheared.
    Sleeping Pigs
    An image of a couple of pigs sleeping at a farm.
    A portrait of a sparrow perched on the ground.
    A portrait of a squirrel.
    Squirrel Eating Nut
    A portrait of a squirrel eating a nut.
    Squirrel in a Tree
    An image of a squirrel climbing on a branch.
    Strawberry Poison Dart Frog
    A strawberry poison dart frog hanging onto moss.
    Striped Owl
    A portrait of a striped owl, which is found mainly in Central and South America.
    Tiger Profile
    A portrait of a tiger.
    Tiger at Zoo
    A large tiger lying down.
    A portrait of a turtle on a log.
    Turtles on a Log
    Five turtles sit together on a log.
    Two Eagles
    An image of two bald eagles perched, side by side.
    Underneath a Frog
    A view of a frog from underneath.
    White Cow
    A portrait of a cow in a pasture in Costa Rica.
    White Horse
    A horse running in a field.
    Wood Duck
    A wood duck floats in the water.
    Yellow-Eyed Cat
    A portrait of a cat.
    Young Colts
    Three young foals in a field.
    Zebra Grazing
    An image of a zebra grazing in a field.