Alma 8–15


    Alma and Amulek Are Delivered by the Power of God | Alma 8–15
    Alma the Younger and Amulek preach in Ammonihah and are put into prison. God causes the prison walls to tumble to the ground and they escape.
    Alma Is Commanded by an Angel to Return to Ammonihah | Alma 8
    The people in Ammonihah deny God. They throw Alma the younger out of their city. An angel commands Alma the younger to return and preach the word of God in Ammonihah
    Amulek Receives Alma into His Home | Alma 8
    An angel of the Lord appears and tells Alma the younger to return to Ammonihah. When Alma returns to the city, a man named Amulek welcomes him into his home and allows Alma to teach his family.
    Alma Calls the People to Repent and Be Baptized | Alma 9
    Alma the younger testifies that Jesus Christ will come into the world to redeem His people. Alma calls upon the people in Ammonihah to have faith in Jesus Christ, repent, and be baptized.
    Amulek Testifies of Jesus Christ | Alma 10–11
    Amulek teaches a man named Zeezrom and tells him why the Savior will come to earth. Jesus Christ’s Resurrection will make it possible for everyone to have an immortal body. Zeezrom believes and repents.
    Alma Warns Zeezrom | Alma 12–13
    Alma the younger teaches Zeezrom about the resurrection of the dead. He warns Zeezrom to repent and have faith in Jesus Christ. Zeezrom believes the teachings of Alma and Amulek and repents.
    Zeezrom Believes, and the Righteous Are Persecuted | Alma 14
    The leaders of Ammonihah are angry with Alma the younger and Amulek. They throw those who believe in God into a fiery pit. Alma and Amulek witness their deaths, then are thrown into prison.
    Alma and Amulek Are Miraculously Delivered from Prison | Alma 14
    Alma the younger and Amulek are in prison. They are beaten and mocked for many days. Alma prays, and the Lord causes the prison walls to tumble, killing everyone inside except Alma and Amulek.
    Zeezrom Is Healed and Baptized | Alma 15
    Zeezrom escapes from the leaders of Ammonihah and becomes very sick. Zeezrom thinks Alma the younger and Amulek have died because of his wickedness. Alma and Amulek heal Zeezrom, and he is baptized.