Alma 17–19

    Ammon, Son of Mosiah, Speaking to King Lamoni


    Ammon Serves and Teaches King Lamoni | Alma 17–19
    Ammon and the sons of Mosiah go to teach the Lamanites the word of God. Ammon becomes King Lamoni’s servant and teaches him the gospel of Jesus Christ.
    The Sons of Mosiah Pray and Depart on Their Missions | Alma 17
    Ammon and the sons of Mosiah leave their families to teach the gospel of Jesus Christ to the Lamanites. They fast and pray to become instruments in the Lord’s hands.
    Ammon Becomes the Servant of King Lamoni | Alma 17
    Ammon and the sons of Mosiah go on missions to teach the Lamanites the word of God. Ammon chooses to become King Lamoni’s servant and lives with the Lamanites.
    Ammon Defends the King's Flocks | Alma 17–18
    While King Lamoni’s servants and Ammon take care of the sheep, a group of thieves tries to steal them. Ammon defends the flock and saves the king’s sheep. The king believes Ammon is the Great Spirit.
    Ammon Teaches King Lamoni about the Gospel of Jesus Christ | Alma 18
    King Lamoni wonders how Ammon has such great power. Ammon tells the king about the Creation and the plan of redemption. The king believes Ammon and prays to God for forgiveness.
    The Lamanite Queen Believes | Alma 19
    Ammon tells the queen that King Lamoni is not dead and that the king will wake up the next morning. The queen has faith in the Lord and believes Ammon.
    King Lamoni and His Household Are Converted | Alma 19
    King Lamoni awakes and tells his wife and servants that the Savior will be born into the world to redeem His people. The king’s household experiences a change of heart, and they convert to the gospel of Jesus Christ.