Acts of the Apostles—Bible Images


    A Cripple Since Birth
    Men carry a cripple since birth and set him on the steps.
    Ananias Finds Saul
    Christ commands Ananias to find Saul and give him sight so that he can preach of Christ.
    Athenians Listen to Paul
    Athenians sit and listen to the words of Paul.
    Baptism of Paul
    Saul is baptized by Ananias and called Paul.
    Baptism of a Gentile
    In a vision, Peter baptizes a Gentile.
    Christ Appears to Paul
    The resurrected Christ appears to Paul while he is in prison.
    James Testifies
    James stands and testifies of the importance to preach the gospel to all.
    Paul Is Stoned
    Men upset by Paul's teachings stone him.
    Paul Preaches of Christ
    Paul travels to Athens to preach of Christ.
    Paul Preaches to Athenians
    Paul teaches Athenians about Jesus Christ.
    Paul Preaches to Followers of Christ
    Peter and John listen as Paul preaches.
    Paul Shows Charity
    Paul comforts a widow at a grave site.
    Paul Teaches
    Paul speaks to those who are converted to Christ.
    Paul Teaches about Christ
    Men and women listen to Paul's teachings of Jesus Christ.
    Paul Waits to Be Executed
    Paul writes and waits as he is about to be executed.
    Paul Writes
    Paul writes down his words about Christ.
    Paul Writes about Charity
    Paul writes the scriptures about charity found in 1 Corinthians.
    Paul in Athens
    Paul travels to Athens.
    Peter Enters the Home of a Gentile
    In a vision, Peter enters the home of a Gentile.
    Peter Explains His Revelation
    Peter explains his revelation to apostles such as John.
    Peter Is Arrested
    Peter is arrested as he preaches of Christ.
    Peter Is Questioned
    A priest questions Peter.
    Peter Preaches
    Peter preaches of Christ to those who will listen.
    Peter Preaches of Missionary Work
    Peter preaches that the Apostles are to take the gospel to the Gentiles.
    Peter Preaches the Gospel to Gentiles
    In a vision, Peter preaches the gospel to Gentiles who want to learn about the gospel.
    Peter Stands Up to the Priests
    Peter continues to preach in Christ's name even after priests threaten him with punishment.
    Peter Stands and Teaches
    Peter speaks on missionary work.
    Peter Testifies
    Peter testifies of Christ to those who judge him.
    Peter Visits Followers of Christ
    Peter preaches to followers of Christ.
    Peter and John Continue to Teach
    After being beaten, Peter and John continue to preach in Christ's name to the people.
    Peter and John Heal a Man Crippled Since Birth
    A man crippled since birth is healed by Peter and John, and he thanks them with an embrace.
    Peter and John with the Crippled Man
    Peter reaches out his hand to a crippled man and commands him to rise and walk.
    Peter at the Jerusalem Conference
    Peter preaches that the gospel is to be taken to the Gentiles.
    Priests Judge Peter and John
    Priests debate how to threaten Peter and John.
    Receiving the Priesthood
    Peter gives Paul the priesthood by the laying on of hands.
    Saul Sees a Light
    Saul falls to the ground as he sees a bright light and hears a voice.
    Saul Traveling to Damascus
    Saul travels with other men on the road to Damascus.
    Soldiers Escort Paul
    Soldiers escort Paul to his execution.
    Stephen Is Cast Out
    Stephen is cast out by the people to be stoned.
    Stephen Is Stoned
    Stephen is stoned by the people.
    Stephen Prays as He Is Stoned
    Stephen prays for forgiveness for the people who stoned him.
    Stephen Testifies
    Stephen testifies of Jesus and is rejected.
    The Martyrdom of Paul
    Paul is escorted to his execution.
    The Words of Paul
    A scribe writes down the words of Paul.