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    Abstract and Patterns

    Abstract and Patterns

    Curved sections of aqua-colored glass set between gray squares of tile-like cement.


    A Field of Flowers
    A field of small plants seen from a distance.
    A Letter
    A handwritten letter lying on a white surface with an envelope and a pen.
    A Sand Dollar
    A sand dollar lying on wet sand near the sea.
    A Stone Path
    Small, square gray stones forming a straight path.
    A Street Sign
    A “25 miles per hour” street sign in the cold winter.
    An Antique Door
    An antique door and metal doorknob.
    Asphalt Road
    An asphalt road lit by early-morning sunlight.
    Barbed Wire
    A close-up of a piece of barbed wire.
    A baseball in the grass.
    Birthday Candles
    A group of multicolored birthday candles burning.
    Black Iron Fence
    A row of black iron fence posts.
    Blue Baskets
    Several blue baskets stacked together outside.
    Blue Cloudy Sky
    A blue sky partially covered with thin clouds.
    Blurred Colored Lights
    Several different colors of lights blurred out into circles on a dark background.
    Blurred Greens
    A green blurred background.
    Brick Fireplace
    A brick fireplace in the Smith frame house in Manchester, New York.
    Building a Wall
    A wall being built out of concrete blocks.
    Christmas Lights
    The light from Christmas lights showing in the shape of hearts.
    Clear Water and Rocks
    A clear pool of water showing the rocks at the bottom.
    Coiled Ropes
    Three large white ropes coiled into tidy circles.
    Colored Pencils
    Eleven different-colored pencils with one broken.
    Colored Wooden Pieces
    Dozens of wooden pieces painted in a variety of colors.
    Colorful Circles
    Lit rings in different colors with a dark background.
    Cylinder Pattern
    Rows of wooden cylinders clumped together.
    Dew-Covered Grass
    A long blade of grass bending under the weight of water droplets.
    Dried Leaf
    A close-up of a dried leaf.
    Elderly Hands
    An elderly woman’s hand with a silver wedding band.
    A mathematical equation being erased from a whiteboard.
    Fence Pattern
    A metal fence topped with a geometric pattern.
    Fence Posts
    The metal posts of a fence blurring out toward the back.
    Field of Wheat
    A close-up of wheat growing in a field.
    Field of Wheat
    A close-up of wheat in the sunshine.
    Floating Lights
    Floating lights in the reflecting pool on Temple Square.
    Frosty Nails
    A set of frost-covered nails in a wooden board.
    Garden Sun Flare
    A garden of flowers with a sun flare in the background.
    Glass and Stone
    Curved aqua-colored glass set into gray cement.
    A patch of gravel on a dirt road.
    Gray Brick Road
    Gray bricks laid into the mud of a road.
    Horseshoe Prints in Sand
    Tan sand covered in horseshoe prints.
    A close-up view of an hourglass, with luggage and books in the background.
    Icy Twigs
    Twigs that have frozen in the winter.
    Iron Window Grate
    An antique iron window grate that has rusted with age.
    Knot in Wood
    A large knot in a plank of wood.
    Knotted Rope
    A weathered, knotted rope photographed against old, weathered wood.
    Large Pots
    Large pots with long necks and wide openings.
    Leaf in Mud
    A small leaf pressed into dry mud.
    Leaves Detail
    A light shining on green, grass-like leaves.
    Marble Staircase
    A marble staircase curving slightly around a pillar.
    Melting Icicle
    Dripping water that has frozen into an icicle and begun to melt again.
    Metal Chain
    A heavy chain shown with a broken link.
    Middle of the Road
    A close-up of the yellow line in the middle of a road.
    A detailed view of green moss growing on tree bark.
    Multicolored Lights
    Multicolored lights blurred in long swirls against a black background.
    Old Shoes
    A pair of scuffed old shoes.
    Old Wall and Window
    An old wall and window covered in ivy that is turning orange.
    Old Wooden Shingles
    Old wooden shingles stacked in layers on a slanted surface.
    One-Way Sign
    A one-way sign mounted on a red brick wall.
    Orange Flower
    The tip of a petal on an orange flower.
    Outdoor Theater Seating
    Outdoor theater seating, starting from the back and looking toward the front.
    Pavement Pattern
    A black and tan wavy pavement pattern.
    Piece of Wood
    The detailed pattern of a piece of raw wood.
    Railroad Crossing Sign
    A black and white railroad crossing sign.
    Red Sand
    Small ridges formed in red sand.
    River Water
    Small ripples in opaque river water, barely showing the stones below.
    Detail of small gray and white rocks.
    Row of Melting Ice
    Patches of melting ice on a wooden path.
    Sacred Grove Leaves
    Close-up of leaves from the trees at the Sacred Grove.
    The detail on a slab of red sandstone.
    Small Wave
    A small wave in river water reflecting green vegetation overhead.
    Small Waves
    Small waves in a pool of clear blue water.
    Snowing in the Forest
    An assortment of trees during a light snowstorm.
    A thin spiderweb covered in drops of water.
    Stack of Coins
    A stack of old silver coins.
    Stacked Rocks
    A picture of a stack of rocks near the ocean.
    Stacks of Wood
    Several stacks of cut wooden planks.
    Stone Path
    A gray stone path found on Temple Square.
    Street Lines
    A painted double yellow line on an asphalt road.
    Tree Bark
    Close-up of the bark on a tree.
    Tree Bark Detail
    A close-up of the texture of tree bark.
    Vintage Doorknob
    A vintage doorknob on a door with chipped paint.
    Wagon Wheel
    A picture of wagon wheel spokes, with more in the background.
    Wagon Wheel
    An old wagon wheel covered in dirt and rust.
    Wall of Vines
    A wooden window surrounded by a wall of green ivy.
    Wallet on the Ground
    A man’s wallet lying on the sidewalk.
    Water Droplets
    Water droplets on a leaf.
    Water Reflection
    Water reflecting on blue tiles at the bottom of a pool.
    Waves in a River
    A close-up of waves crashing down in a river.
    Weathered Rock
    The pattern in a weathered gray stone.
    Weathered Rug
    A weathered rug shown in detail.
    Weeds in the Snow
    Snow-covered weeds near a fence.
    White Lights
    White Christmas lights blurred against a dark green background.
    Wild Plants
    A close-up of a field of assorted wild plants.
    Wooden Bench
    A wooden bench on a trail with the sun shining in the background.
    Wooden Boards
    Two wooden boards up close to one another.
    Wooden Pattern
    Pieces of wood with holes drilled into them, stacked close together.
    Wooden Shingles
    A pattern of gray wooden shingles neatly put together.
    Writing in a Notebook
    Someone writing notes in a notebook with a pen.
    Writing on Paper
    A young woman writing a note on paper.