Mosiah 11–18

    Abinadi in front of King Noah


    Abinadi Testifies of Jesus Christ | Mosiah 11–18
    The prophet Abinadi rebukes King Noah and his priests for their wickedness. Abinadi teaches the Ten Commandments and prophesies that the Lord will come to earth to redeem His people.
    Alma Records and Teaches the Words of Abinadi | Mosiah 16–18
    After Alma believes the prophet Abinadi,the king’s guards chase Alma out of the city. Alma repents of his sins and writes down the words of Abinadi. He teaches the people the gospel of Jesus Christ in private.
    Alma Recounts the Wickedness of King Noah | Mosiah 11–12, 17
    King Noah leads the people to rebel against God. The king replaces good priests with those who do not keep the commandments of God. The people pay taxes to support the king and his unrighteous priests.
    Abinadi Prophesies and Is Cast into Prison | Mosiah 11–12
    The prophet Abinadi warns the people to repent. Abinadi declares that if they do not repent, they will be destroyed. King Noah is angry and throws Abinadi into prison.
    Abinadi Testifies before King Noah and His Priests | Mosiah 11–13
    King Noah’s priests tell Abinadi that they teach the law of Moses to the people. Abinadi accuses them of not keeping the law of Moses. The Lord protects Abinadi from the king’s guards.
    Abinadi Teaches the Ten Commandments and Testifies of Christ | Mosiah 13–16
    Abinadi teaches King Noah and his priests the Ten Commandments. Abinadi says the law of Moses points to the Messiah, Jesus Christ, who will come into the world to redeem His people.
    Abinadi Suffers Death for His Faith | Mosiah 16–17
    The prophet Abinadi testifies to King Noah and his priests that redemption comes through Jesus Christ. The king is angry. Abinadi does not deny the truth and is put to death.
    Alma the Elder Teaches and Baptizes at the Waters of Mormon | Mosiah 15; 18
    Alma the Elder believes the prophet Abinadi and teaches about the coming of Jesus Christ. Many people believe Alma’s testimony and choose to repent and be baptized in the waters of Mormon.