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What Is Google+?

Google Plus is a social networking platform that Google launched in July 2011. It is similar to Facebook in that it allows users to create a personal profile and see a news feed that shows updates from their friends and other contacts. Users can also “like” content by selecting a “+1” button. Despite these similarities, Google+ is significantly different from Facebook in some of its functions and the opportunities it provides. Those differences are described below in the Overview section.



Rather than adding someone as a friend (as on Facebook) or following a person (as on Twitter), users of Google+ add people to groups that they define called “circles,” such as “close friends,” “work friends,” “family,” “wedding photographers,” or “sports fans.” Circles give Google+ users more control over who sees their content than users of Facebook or Twitter have. 

Hangouts and Hangouts “On Air”

Google+ also has a feature called Hangouts, which allows users to participate in a video chat with up to 10 other Google+ users at the same time. Additionally, Google records your “On Air” hangouts and can upload the video file directly to your YouTube account so that others can see the archived conversation. Note that you can make YouTube Google Hangout videos private as well.


Since Google+ is a Google product, search integration is a key part of its usefulness. When you perform a Google search while you are signed in to Google+, items that your friends have shared or commented on are highlighted and ranked higher in your search results. Search results that are specific to your location are also ranked high. In fact, Google+ devotes a specific section of results to local items of interest, based both on reviews and on the number of “+1s” the results have received.

The Church and Google+

Official Church Google+ channels include the following: