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What Is Twitter?

Twitter is a social networking and microblogging website. It allows users to “tweet,” or broadcast, brief messages on their profile page. Users are able to connect with others by subscribing or receiving these short updates by becoming a “follower” of a desired Twitter account.

Overview of Twitter

The Twitter microblogging platform was created in 2006. Like other microblogging sites, it allows users to broadcast information rather than engage in conversations with readers, though the option to converse directly with others exists in the form of Direct Messages and “@mentions.” Users “tweet” messages of up to 140 characters at a time. When a user posts a “tweet,” the message is posted on the user’s profile and is made public, unless the user changes the privacy settings. Most Twitter users interact with the Twitter platform with clients such as TweetDeck or HootSuite rather than directly through Twitter.com.

Twitter currently has approximately 140 million active users who tweet about 340 million times per day. During 2010, an average of 300,000 users joined Twitter each day. To accommodate this growth, Twitter recently moved its technical operations infrastructure to a new data center in the Salt Lake City area. According to a recent survey by the Church’s Research Information Division, 7 percent of Church members use Twitter.

The Church and Twitter

The Church has several official Twitter accounts that broadcast information about Church events, news updates, products, websites, and so forth. Twitter users can subscribe to or follow these accounts. New uses for Twitter that the Church is exploring include:

  • Sharing scripture passages and general conference talks.
  • Using hashtags (pound symbols used to mark keywords or topics) such as #family or #religion to share content with nonmembers.
  • Monitoring hashtags such as #lds or #mormon to gather data on community interests.
  • Conducting quick surveys of followers’ opinions.
  • Sharing succinct ideas about how to share the gospel, improve one’s scripture study, and the like.
  • Finding social media influencers in specific areas of the world.

Official Church Twitter accounts include the following:

ORGANIZATIONSgeneral authorities