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An screenshot of the LDS Church's official Pinterest page

What Is Pinterest?

Pinterest is an online visual bookmarking tool for collecting and storing ideas. It allows users to keep track of all their favorite finds from around the web in one organized location. Users can create different boards and “pin” items to them. They can connect with other users by following their boards to find and share new ideas. Collect and share the things you love from around the web by pinning images, videos, recipes, articles, and other content to Pinterest boards.


Founded in March 2010, Pinterest has more than 70 million users worldwide. The site is most popular among women, who make up 80 percent of the sites’ users. Twenty-five percent of all women who use the Internet are also using Pinterest.

Pinterest is a free site for users, and an account can be created with an email address. The site allows users to store “Pins,” or different items from around the web, on boards. Pinterest creates one location online to store your ideas and find new ideas from other users.


“Pin” refers to an item you want to bookmark or keep track of. Pins are represented by an image that may link to other websites, recipes, news articles, tutorials, videos, etc. Users can add tags to Pins to help others find relevant content more easily. Users may also “like” and “re-pin” other users’ Pins to organize and keep track of the Pins on their own boards. Pinterest also allows users to engage in conversation with other users by commenting on Pins.


Boards represent collections where users can organize their different Pins. Users can create their own boards according to categories of Pins they want to organize.


To make Pins and ideas easier to find, Pinterest allows users to follow other users’ boards. When users log on to Pinterest, a feed of the latest Pins from all the boards they follow is displayed. This feature allows users to easily find Pins they like and keep track of users who share similar interests. Users may also browse through all Pins on Pinterest by using the search feature or viewing categories of Pins.

The Church and Pinterest

The Church uses Pinterest to upload and share uplifting quotes, talks, images, and other content with followers. These Pins link users back to Church media sites, including ChurchofJesusChrist.org, the Mormon Channel, and others.

Official Church Pinterest accounts include the following: