4.30 Working Alone

Safety, Health, and Environmental Manual

An employee is considered alone at work when he or she cannot be seen or heard by another person. Employees should not work alone if they are performing high-risk activities. High-risk activities may include, but are not limited to, working in any of the following conditions:

  • At heights

  • In confined spaces

  • With electricity

  • With hazardous substances or materials

  • With hazardous equipment such as chain saws or aerial lifts

  • With materials under great pressure

  • Where there is a potential for violence

The following precautions may be taken to help ensure the safety of someone who is working alone:

  • Establish a check-in procedure.

  • Make sure regular contact is made with all employees.

  • Establish ways to account for people while on the job.

  • Schedule higher-risk tasks to be done during normal business hours or when another worker capable of helping in an emergency is present.