2.20 Training Guidelines

Safety, Health, and Environmental Manual

Training should provide knowledge, direction, and encouragement. Managers and supervisors should use these guidelines to coordinate training:

  • Provide employees access to this manual and other materials they may need for their health and safety.

  • Find qualified people to present the training. Use the Risk Management Division as a resource.

  • Use this manual, applicable regulatory publications, and other relevant materials for training.

  • See that training (or refresher training) is done in the following situations:

    • When a new employee is hired.

    • When a new safety, health, or environmental guideline is required.

    • When problems are noted in existing safety, health, or environmental guidelines or there are misconceptions about procedures.

    • Before employees operate hazardous equipment or machinery.

    • If employees observe a lack of understanding or knowledge about specific processes or operations.

  • Conduct ongoing training as part of regular safety meetings.

  • Document the training by using the Safety Training Meeting Record (see chapter 7), and place a copy of the record in the employee’s training file. Records of employee training should be kept on file for three years after the current year ends or until the training topic is repeated. The Safety Training Record—Annual form (see chapter 7) can help verify that training is conducted.

Managers and supervisors should review the contents of this manual to help determine areas where training is required or needed. The safety, health, and environmental manager or coordinator can help determine how to conduct training. Additional training aids can also be identified as the need arises.