2.16 Safety Inspections

Safety, Health, and Environmental Manual

Safety inspections are important to help identify and eliminate hazards. Inspections also provide employees and management a forum to discuss safety concerns. Supervisors and committee members should use the following guidelines for conducting safety inspections:

  • Conduct monthly (more often if needed) general safety and health inspections.

  • Identify the work area to be inspected.

  • Define the items and conditions to be inspected using the Safety and Health Inspection Checklist (Sample) (see chapter 7) as a guide.

  • Record and report inspection results. Use the Safety and Health Inspection Checklist (Sample) (see chapter 7) or a comparable checklist to compile a report, and use it to follow up on corrective actions.

  • Follow up on all action items after the inspection.

  • Review the report in the safety and health committee meeting to verify that appropriate action and follow-up have taken place.

  • Keep all inspection reports on file for one year after the current year ends.