Lesson 17

Ammon, a Great Servant

“Lesson 17: Ammon, a Great Servant,” Primary 4: Book of Mormon (1997), 57–59


To encourage each child to share the gospel by setting a good example and bearing testimony of Jesus Christ.


  1. Prayerfully study Alma 17–19. Then study the lesson and decide how you want to teach the children the scripture account. (See “Preparing Your Lessons,” p. vi, and “Teaching from the Scriptures,” p. vii.)

  2. Select the discussion questions and enrichment activities that will involve the children and best help them achieve the purpose of the lesson.

  3. Materials needed:

    1. A Book of Mormon for each child.

    2. Picture 4-30, Ammon Defends the Flocks of King Lamoni (Gospel Art Picture Kit 310; 62535).

Suggested Lesson Development

Invite a child to give the opening prayer.

Attention Activity

Have a child role-play a nonmember. Have two children at a time be missionaries. (You may make paper name tags if you wish.) Have each pair of missionaries respond to one or two of the investigator’s questions, which could be similar to the following:

  • How do you know Heavenly Father lives?

  • What is your Heavenly Father like?

  • Who is Jesus Christ?

  • What did Jesus Christ do for us?

  • Who is the Holy Ghost?

  • How does the Holy Ghost help us?

Ask the children how they feel when they tell someone about Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost. Help the children realize that they shared their testimonies when they explained what they know about Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost.

Enrichment activity 1 could be used as an alternate attention activity.

Explain that this lesson is about a great missionary who had a strong testimony.

Scripture Account

Using the picture at an appropriate time, teach the children the account of Ammon and King Lamoni from Alma 17–19. Explain that Ammon bore testimony to King Lamoni of his knowledge of Heavenly Father. (For suggested ways to teach the scripture account, see “Teaching from the Scriptures,” p. vii.)

Discussion and Application Questions

Study the following questions and the scripture references as you prepare your lesson. Use the questions you feel will best help the children understand the scriptures and apply the principles in their lives. Reading the references with the children in class will help them gain insights into the scriptures.

  • What does it mean to be “an instrument in the hands of [the Lord]”? (Alma 17:9.) Explain that an instrument is a tool. After the sons of Mosiah repented, how did they prepare for their missions? (Alma 17:2–3.) What are you doing now to share the gospel with others? What can you do to prepare to be a faithful missionary?

  • Why did the sons of Mosiah want to go on a mission to the Lamanites? (Alma 17:16.) Why is it important that all of Heavenly Father’s children hear and understand the gospel of Jesus Christ?

  • What did Ammon hope for when he fought the wicked Lamanites? (Alma 17:29.)

  • What did the Lord promise Mosiah about his sons? (Alma 17:35.) How did the Lord fulfill his promise at this time? (Alma 19:22–23.)

  • What effect did Ammon’s example have on King Lamoni? (Alma 18:9–11.) Who has set a good example for you? For whom can you set a good example?

  • How did Ammon’s testimony and the Spirit of the Lord affect King Lamoni? (Alma 18:40–43.) How have others’ testimonies helped you? In what ways can you share your testimony with others?

  • How did the queen and her servant Abish show their great faith? (Alma 19:8–12, 17.)

  • What did King Lamoni and the queen both testify of? (Alma 19:12–13, 29–30.) How do you think King Lamoni felt after he saw Jesus Christ? (Alma 19:12–13.)

  • Why is it important that we help others learn about Jesus Christ as Ammon and King Lamoni did?

Enrichment Activities

You may use one or more of the following activities any time during the lesson or as a review, summary, or challenge.

  1. Show the children a few tools or instruments used by builders, doctors, gardeners, painters, and so forth. Ask the children to tell what they know about each one, who uses it, and how it is used.

    Discuss the importance of tools. Explain how each of the children can be like a tool in the hands of God.

  2. Give the children each a piece of paper and a pencil and have them write their testimonies or feelings about the Church and the gospel of Jesus Christ. They could include the thoughts and feelings that make them feel close to Heavenly Father. Have them think of someone they could share their testimonies with.

  3. Have each child make the following card to take home:

    I can be a missionary now by . (Have them fill in the blank.)

  4. Sing or read the words to “I Will Be Valiant” (Children’s Songbook, p. 162), “I Want to Be a Missionary Now” (Children’s Songbook, p. 168), or “Book of Mormon Stories,” verse 5 (Children’s Songbook, p. 118).



Testify that the Lord blesses us as we bear witness of him and his gospel. We can share the gospel with others by our example as we live the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Suggested Family Sharing

Encourage the children to share with their families a specific part of the lesson, such as a story, question, or activity, or to read with their families the “Suggested Home Reading.”

Suggested Home Reading

Suggest that the children study Alma 17:19–25, 18:8–40 at home as a review of this lesson.

Invite a child to give the closing prayer.