Report—Maximum Time: 25 Minutes

“Report,” Personal Finances for Self-Reliance (2017), 108–9

Last Week’s Commitments

  1. Practice and share last week’s My Foundation principle.

  2. Begin building my one-month emergency fund.

  3. Discuss emergency fund and insurance plans in family council.

  4. Contact and support my action partner.

Step 1: Evaluate with Action Partner (5 minutes)

Take a few minutes to evaluate your efforts to keep your commitments this week. Use the “Evaluating My Efforts” chart at the beginning of this workbook. Share your evaluation with your partner and discuss with him or her the question below. He or she will then initial where indicated.


What challenges did you have with keeping your commitments this week?


Step 2: Report to the Group (8 minutes)

After evaluating your efforts, come back together and report your results. Go around the group and each state whether you rated yourself “red,” “yellow,” or “green” for each of last week’s commitments.

Step 3: Share Your Experiences (10 minutes)

Now share as a group the things you learned from striving to keep your commitments during the week.

  • What experiences did you have practicing or sharing the My Foundation principle?

  • What have you done differently to save money for your one-month emergency fund?

  • How was your discussion about insurance plans and building your emergency fund in your family council?

Step 4: Choose Action Partners (2 minutes)

Choose an action partner from the group for this coming week. Generally, action partners are the same gender and are not family members.

Take a couple of minutes now to meet with your action partner. Introduce yourselves and discuss how you will contact each other throughout the week.

Action partner’s name

Contact information

Write how and when you will contact each other this week.

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