Chapter 41

Daniel and the King’s Dream

“Chapter 41: Daniel and the King’s Dream,” Old Testament Stories (1980), 152–53

king of Babylon

The king of Babylon had a dream. When he woke up, he could not remember it. The king asked some of his wise men to tell him what he had dreamed. He also wanted to know what the dream meant.

king and wise men

But the wise men could not tell the king his dream. The king was angry. He told his servant to kill all the wise men.


But God showed Daniel the king’s dream. God told Daniel what it meant. Daniel asked the king’s servant not to kill the wise men. Daniel said he could tell the king about the dream.

Daniel with king

Daniel was taken to the king. He said God told him about the dream. The dream meant the gospel will be taught to all people. Jesus will be the king of all the people on earth. The king of Babylon was happy to know what his dream meant. He made Daniel leader over all the land.